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10 Best Ways To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

You liked the girl, and what to do next – you do not know. And she also pays no attention to you – then read the following information and draw the right conclusions.

How to win a girl’s heart?

Love is a mysterious feeling, able to lift a person to heaven or to empty and return to a sinful land.
Often guys do not dare to take the first step, being afraid to experience the bitterness of disappointment.

What must be done to prevent this from happening?

  1. Attract attention to the chosen one – to become her friend, to have a conversation, to find a common theme, in order to understand what a girl loves, what she fears, whether she is alone or loves someone.
  2. There should not be any difficulties in the way of friendly relations, the most important principle is a minimum of indicative signs of attention, and more walks around the city and interesting conversations.
  3. At the next stage, it would be nice to win the confidence of the parents, because at the initial stage the girls do not introduce the guys to their relatives, but you can have a friend if you get a good support from these parties – this will be a big plus for future relations.
  4. Make a push to love, and the best way is to make it so that the chosen one thinks that it was she who made this choice. For this, you need to present at the meeting what the girl loves most, it can be a teddy bear, flowers, a chain with a pendant, elements of her hobby.
  5. To the girl began to reflect in your direction, at parting give her a kiss on the cheek, this method to make the chosen one think of you. And thinking can lead to the fact that you are very dear to her and not just as a friend.
  6. This stage is complex in the relationship, you need to let the girl know that she can not without you, and for this, write to her sms, that you have to be alone and sort out your feelings. To specify it costs nothing, the only thing to say is that “everything will be fine with us.”
  7. Now you need to endure parting, but you do not need to replay, because a girl can burn out and cool down to you, and yet what – to find yourself a new boy.
  8. Here is the final touch – to buy a huge bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne, an interesting gift, and to come to the chosen one, even if your parents are at home, it’s good, because you already got their support. Tell her that you can not live without her and you want a serious relationship with her.
  9. You can not ask her for an immediate answer, let her think and decide if she wants to be with you or not.
  10. If a girl does not bite on this way to attract her attention, you can play on her feelings – make her jealous, but you need to do it delicately, so that you do not destroy your chances.

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