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10 Budget Ideas For Bedroom Decor

You suddenly became aware of the desire to redesign / decorate / change in the bedroom, but this desire is not consistent with the budget? Fortunately, there are amazing and inexpensive ways to decorate a bedroom.
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Trim frame

Do you have a mirror and it’s “naked” hanging on the wall? Put it in the painted frame. Such a frame – snag will be a beautiful addition to the ladies’ table, besides, you will save on buying this framework!

Drawings on the walls

Your knees buckle when you see amazing drawings on the walls in interiors from magazines but are not sure if you have enough courage to do something similar at home?

Start with simple stencils. You can make them yourself (I use parchment), or buy already ready

Picture on the bedside table

Drawing on furniture helps to introduce new furniture into the overall style of the old interior, or to update the old furniture with new ideas.

The designers “pityed” the antique table, leaving its tabletop intact, but the legs were painted white, in tone to the interior.

New lamp stand

If you want to add something unusual to the room, while you are drawn to simple, inexpensive and natural solutions – update the bedside lamp. You can replace the fabric of the lampshade with linen, and the “leg” with carved wood.

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Headboard for bed

If buying a smart bed with a soft headboard and canopy did not work out, and your bed looks more like a couch … it’s still fixable! Draw a headboard on the wall yourself – it’s not scary, which is not soft, the main thing is that it’s beautiful 🙂

Decorative books

Open shelves with books of all colors of the rainbow are killers for a quiet / monotonous interior. But this can also be corrected – wrap books in paper. You can choose a paper of several harmonious tones, or use old thin wallpaper.

Wall – drawing board

Release your inner child outside (we hope that inside you a talented child lives :)) and decorate the board the way you want. The pros are obvious – you can change the drawings by mood. And you can not be afraid to make a mistake, because the wrong stroke is corrected by one movement of the napkin 🙂

Decor with a cloth

If you have pieces of fabric left after sewing, or a blanket was torn … do not throw away these priceless materials for decoration. You can wrap the fabric with a lampshade, door, bedside or bedside area. Do not have any limitations, create your own accents!

Bright little things

Here you want a yellow sofa in the bedroom. But for the time being you can not afford it … Treat yourself with small compromise trifles of the cherished color!


Or here’s another problem situation – the upholstery on the seats has deteriorated, and it’s too expensive to buy new ones. Sew or buy seat covers! In beautiful cases, which besides, it’s easy to wash and bistro, your chairs are still very expensive!

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