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10 Facts About Losing Weight, Which Are Rarely Told

10 Facts About Losing Weight, Which Are Rarely ToldThe problem of many women is overweight. Therefore, the problem of losing weight is relevant and around it there are many myths, but there are also facts that are not spoken about. Consider 10 facts about losing weight, which you rarely hear.

1. The effect will not be instantaneous

Not always the initial plan turns out to be a shot in the top ten – this must be taken into account. If you lose weight under the control of a nutritionist, tell him about all your doubts. You may need to change the caloric intake, distribution of food throughout the day, or make efforts to accelerate metabolism.

2. Despondency on the agenda

The first week is euphoria, satisfaction from the fact that you are doing something for yourself, that in a few weeks you will be a slender and proud produced effect. But already in the second week the recession begins, there is irritation – due to the fact that you can not decide until the end what to eat, that you must give up many favorite dishes that you can not, as before, eat a pack of chips before a boy or girlfriend TV …

This time is very dangerous and requires great willpower and self-denial. It is difficult to resist digressions from the diet, which will entail a whole avalanche of small and large “gastronomic sins.” Be prepared for this and do not allow such little things to stand on the way to the goal.

It is very important to choose the right diet, understand the food pyramid. At any time you can ask the nutritionist about a small correction of your diet, which will brighten up the process of losing weight. Visualize your goal and think at the moment of self-doubt, what is more important for you – to eat a cake or lose weight?

3. A crowd of cheaters and ´well-wishers´

Why do you need to lose weight? You’re not so fat, You’re just bony by nature, and if you lose weight, you’ll only look worse. Are not you afraid that you’ll get yourself to anemia? Do you know these phrases? If not, then you just got lucky. Some of them are probably provoked by ignorance, part … envy. You must be ready for this and do not take everything at your own expense. If weight loss is correct, ideally – under the supervision of a specialist, then none of the “horror stories” that scare you around will not become a reality. Prepare for a retaliatory strike and do not let others confuse yourself.

4. Torture at parties

Four glasses of beer and two packets of chips should no longer be the norm for you. Perhaps, others will notice this and will begin to convince that “at least once” you can afford a digression from the diet.

But it is these situations that often cause stagnation and failure. Always try to bring some interesting snacks, diet cakes, shish kebabs with vegetables, pie with beans and a bottle of red dry wine. You will not sit hungry and at the same time shine the creative.

5. Stagnation is a fact

One diet is not suitable for the whole process of losing weightStagnation in weight loss was, is and will be. However, they can not be the reason for refusing a diet. So it turns out that our body is more actively protected from weight loss than from its growth. Stagnation in weight reduction is (if very simplistic) competition, who will give up faster – you or your body.

Eat according to the diet plan, drink enough liquid, as far as possible do it – and stagnation will only be a memory.

6. One diet is not suitable for the whole process of losing weight

Caloric content and composition of the diet should change and adapt to the current situation. If the body weight decreases, the need for energy changes. In addition, reducing the number of calories reduces the metabolic rate. Therefore, constantly using the same diet, you will not achieve the desired effect.

7. Constipation due to diet

You can resent: “What is this diet! The chair became even worse than before losing weight! “But in fact there is nothing new in this. Quite possibly, constipation caused an unexpected abundance of fiber. If before you did not eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, then your body can especially negatively react to an increase in the diet of such products. Then it is better to limit the amount of fiber and introduce it again, but gradually, so that the body is used to it. It is also possible that you drink a little. A diet rich in fiber, and a minimum amount of liquid – this is a direct road to constipation.

8. I train, I’m on a diet – and do not lose weight!

This is very possible. If you start to exercise, then muscles grow, and they are heavier than the same amount of fat. Weight can not be considered the only true reflection of progress – the effect must be looked at as a whole as the body begins to form.
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9. After losing weight, life will change dramatically

Do not think so: you will still remain the same person. For those who truly love you, it does not matter whether you have a few extra pounds or not. Rather, it is necessary to think that due to weight loss you will be easier to move, perhaps, health will improve, there will be more energy. Try to pay more attention to the real aspects of weight loss, rather than your own ideas about it.

10. A diet without hunger is not a diet

It often happens that people on a diet feel uneasy, looking at large portions recommended by a dietician. But it’s not for nothing that they say that in order to lose weight, you need to eat. It is enough to consume more vegetables, whole grains and other less energetically saturated ingredients to feel satiety after each meal.

If you can not eat the recommended dose at one sitting, divide it into parts. Among other things, you thereby spur metabolism.

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