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10 Habits Of Chronically Unhappy People

Some people are chronically unhappy. People sometimes do not notice when they are happy. If they are asked what this concept means to them, they may find it difficult to answer. However, when a person is unhappy, he is clearly aware of this and understands when he was seized with such a feeling. It seems to many that life’s circumstances are to blame for everything.

However, according to researchers, a happy person makes himself that way, and no tests can prevent him from doing so. A great role is played also by habits. So, some of them are a direct way to making you unhappy. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the 10 most important habits that you should give up if you want to start enjoying life.
10 Habits Of Chronically Unhappy People

Hope for the future

One of the main habits that will not allow you to become a happy person is the pronunciation of phrases like “I will be happy when I find a new job / when I will be paid a salary / when I have a new partner, etc.”. It does not matter how you finish this sentence.

Remember that in this case you put everything on circumstances that depend little on you. So do not expect something ghostly, but you should work on your life right now. Focus on what is important to you today, and happiness will very soon knock on your door.

Spending too much time and energy on acquiring status items

Many people starting to earn more tend to convince themselves that it makes them happier. And the majority seems that the higher the income, the better they will feel. However, a lot of studies show that this is not quite so.

After all, when you are in pursuit of money and expensive things, then, having received them, you risk experiencing disappointment. After all, you realize that they were not worth the effort. And the time spent on their achievement could be spent on your hobbies and communication with family and friends, which would make you happier.

Stay indoors

When you feel unhappy, then for sure you want to stay at home and not communicate with anyone. However, this behavior can be called a big mistake. Of course, in the life of each of us there are times when we want to remain alone with ourselves and hide from others.

However, if this becomes a trend, then you will very quickly notice how your mood will change for the worse. Therefore, force yourself to leave the house, communicate with people, and you will see how quickly it will become easier for you.

Consider yourself as a victim

Unhappy people, as a rule, convince themselves that nothing depends on them in life. Therefore, they believe that it is not within their power to improve the situation. However, this approach only strengthens the feeling of helplessness. But it is always worth remembering that problems and difficulties occur to all people. And in your power to pull yourself together and confront them, trying to change life for the better.
10 Habits Of Chronically Unhappy People


Nothing can destroy happiness like pessimism. After all, if you constantly think and expect bad things, then, most likely, they will happen. And from pessimistic thoughts is quite difficult to get rid of. However, you should convince yourself that they are illogical.

Force yourself to look at the facts, and you will understand that in fact everything is not so bad as you thought.

Habit of complaining

If you start complaining all the time, then in the end you will have to constantly live with a sense of anxiety. This behavior with confidence can be called destructive for the individual. After all, if we constantly persuade ourselves that everything is bad, then we will not be able to admit any other thoughts very soon.

Undoubtedly, it is very useful to talk about what bothers you. However, you should not allow a habit of complaining about anything and everything. After all, this is a direct way to becoming an unhappy person with whom other people will not want to communicate.
10 Habits Of Chronically Unhappy People

To make mountains out of molehills

Bad things happen to every person. The difference is that happy people see them as they are, temporary difficulties, whereas unhappy individuals view them only as another proof that fate is extremely unfriendly towards them.

So, for example, if an ordinary person gets into a small accident on the way to work and gets off with only a slight fright and a slightly crumpled wing of his iron horse, he will be glad that nothing more serious has happened. Chronically unhappy man will see in this situation only one more proof of the fact that he has not had a day, a week, a month, or even his whole life since the morning.

Hide problems under the carpet

Happy people are responsible for their actions. If they make a mistake, they are responsible for it. Unfortunate people try to hide their problems and mistakes made. And, as is known, if the problem is ignored, then it can only worsen and cause even greater damage.

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Refusal of self-development

Since unhappy people are pessimistic and do not try to control their lives, they sit and wait for what will happen to them next. And instead of stating goals, learning and self-improvement, they simply express surprise at why nothing changes for the better in their lives.

Comparing yourself with others

Jealousy and envy are feelings that will not help you become happier. So if you constantly compare yourself with other people, then it’s time to stop.

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