Skin Care

10 Misconceptions About Skin Care – Know More

To look healthy and well-groomed means not only to be liked by others, but also to feel strong, confident and held.
Skin Care
Begin to fight the signs of aging at an early age Approvals of this kind are beneficial to manufacturers and sellers of expensive cosmetics. Striving to increase the number of consumers in any way, unscrupulous creators of advertising mislead young women.

In fact, the use of creams with a rejuvenating effect for girls is more harmful than beneficial. Their skin itself produces in the required amount of hyaluronic acid, collagen and other substances that support its tone and healthy appearance. Reduction in the intensity of this process usually begins after 30 years. And if a young girl starts using “anti-aging” drugs, the natural functions of the skin fade out faster, and signs of aging manifest earlier.
Skin Care
Means for skin care need to change from time to time
There is an opinion that it is harmful for a skin to get used to certain cosmetic preparations. Allegedly, with prolonged use of a cream of a certain composition, the effect of its active components is weakened.

This is not true. To pick up the cosmetic means ideally corresponding to needs of a skin in each concrete case, is difficult enough. If the problem was solved, the chosen cream should be used as long as it keeps the face in optimal condition. Otherwise, a woman runs the risk of harming her health and appearance and spending a lot of money looking for a replacement that is absolutely unnecessary at the moment.

Stopping the use cream causes withdrawal syndrome

This is also a marketing move by producers and sellers seeking to force customers to purchase expensive cosmetics for future use.

In fact, creams, lotions, foams, gels and other products intended for face care do not contain ingredients strong enough to cause addiction or a painful response to drug withdrawal. If the skin of a person begins to look worse when a certain cosmetic product is discarded, it is most likely that the reason is inappropriate means used instead of the canceled ones.

The most effective cosmetics with hormones

Some women piously believe that some “hormonal” creams will return their skin a 10- or even 20-year-old condition. No less common is the statement that the abolition of such drugs within a few days turns a young beauty into an old woman.

Both that, and another a lie. No Russian cosmetics market contains cosmetic creams containing hormones. Under this name, usually include funds containing phytoestrogens (substances of plant origin, having hormone-like activity). They do not create miracles of rejuvenation and are not particularly effective – it’s just a myth supported by advertising. But the abolition of such funds does not lead to catastrophic consequences for appearance.
Skin Care

It is possible without harm for the skin to combine cosmetics of different manufacturers
The safety of combining products from different manufacturers is largely a matter of luck. There is always the possibility that the final mixture of ingredients will lead to allergies.

Large firms that value their reputation, no wonder create sets of cosmetics designed for a certain age or solving certain tasks. Preparations included in this lineup include the same type of active components and combine well with each other.

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There are creams “for any skin”

This is a myth specially designed for women seeking to save time and money when choosing cosmetics. Cream, suitable for skin of any type and age, does not exist.

Determine what substances the skin needs at the moment is rather difficult. Sometimes a woman simply can not do it herself, and the choice of cosmetics should be trusted by a specialist.

Night cream should be used immediately before bedtime

Night creams are usually dense, saturated with active ingredients. When applied right before going to bed, this remedy is either smeared on the pillow without having absorbed, or clogs the pores, depriving the skin of the ability to breathe.

For the cream to act properly, it should be applied 2-3 hours before bedtime, and after 30-40 minutes, blot the face with a soft napkin. If this is not possible, it is better to do without applying cream at night.

Greasy cream should be applied to the skin before leaving for frost
In the cold season, a nourishing or protective cream is applied to the face at least an hour before going out. If you do not allow the product to absorb, it will freeze in the frost and turn into a crust that can injure the skin.

Moisturizing cream in winter can be used only in cases where a woman is not going to leave a heated room in the next few hours.

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It is better to use cosmetics that do not contain preservatives

Most cosmetic products manufactured by industrial methods contain preservatives that prevent the propagation of pathogenic microflora and prolong the shelf life of products. You can dispense with preservatives only if cosmetics are not meant to be stored for longer than a few days.

However, not all preservatives are harmful (as not all natural ingredients are safe). In order to avoid trouble, it makes sense to choose the products of well-known manufacturers and purchase it in specialized outlets.

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Tonal cream and powder spoil the skin

Many believe that powder and foundation creams do not allow the skin to breathe and overdry it, creating conditions for the appearance of early wrinkles. This information is very outdated. Cosmetics of the last generations do not clog pores and do not interfere with the intake of oxygen in them. In addition, modern powders and foundation creams often contain substances that protect the face from ultraviolet light, temperature fluctuations and other aggressive environmental factors.

Facial care is a necessity. It is important to have reliable information about the condition of your skin, as well as the properties of cosmetics designed to preserve her youth and health. If you can not figure out these issues yourself, it’s worth visiting a cosmetologist and using his recommendations.

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