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10 Misconceptions About Skin Care

10 Misconceptions About Skin Care

To look healthy and well-groomed means not only to like others, but also to feel strong, confident and held.

Specialists in the field of cosmetology note that not all women know how to care for the skin of the face. Many women incorrectly use cosmetics and carry out different procedures without having accurate information about their actual effect, which does not have a positive effect on appearance and sometimes on well-being.

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To dispel the myths about skin care is the purpose of this article.

Begin to fight the signs of aging at an early age

Approvals of this kind are beneficial to manufacturers and sellers of expensive cosmetic products. Striving to increase the number of consumers in any way, unscrupulous creators of advertising mislead young women.
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In fact, the use of creams with a rejuvenating effect for girls is more harmful than beneficial. Their skin itself produces in the required amount of hyaluronic acid, collagen and other substances that support its tone and healthy appearance.

Reduction in the intensity of this process usually begins after 30 years. And if a young girl starts using “anti-aging” drugs, the natural functions of the skin fade out faster, and signs of aging manifest earlier.

From this it does not follow that in youth to care for the skin of the face is not necessary. Just choose the cosmetic products according to age and needs (for example, creams for sensitive, problematic, oily or dry skin).

Means for skin care need to change from time to time

There is an opinion that it is harmful for a skin to get used to certain cosmetic preparations. Allegedly, with prolonged use of a cream of a certain composition, the effect of its active components is weakened. This is not true.


To pick up the cosmetic means ideally corresponding to needs of a skin in each concrete case, is difficult enough. If the problem was solved, the chosen cream should be used as long as it keeps the face in optimal condition. Otherwise, a woman runs the risk of harming her health and appearance and spending a lot of money looking for a replacement that is absolutely unnecessary at the moment.

Denial of the usual cream causes withdrawal syndrome

This is also a marketing move by producers and sellers seeking to force customers to purchase expensive cosmetics for future use. In fact, creams, lotions, foams, gels and other products intended for face care do not contain ingredients strong enough to cause addiction or a painful response to drug withdrawal.

If the skin of a person begins to look worse when a certain cosmetic product is discarded, it is most likely that the reason is inappropriate means used instead of the canceled ones.

The most effective cosmetics with hormones

Some women piously believe that some “hormonal” creams will return their skin a 10- or even 20-year-old condition. No less common is the statement that the abolition of such drugs within a few days turns a young beauty into an old woman. Both that, and another a lie. No Russian cosmetics market contains cosmetic creams containing hormones.
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Under this name, usually include funds containing phytoestrogens (substances of plant origin, having hormone-like activity). They do not create miracles of rejuvenation and are not particularly effective – it’s just a myth supported by advertising.

But the abolition of such funds does not lead to catastrophic consequences for appearance.

It is possible without harm for the skin to combine cosmetics of different manufacturers

The safety of combining products from different manufacturers is largely a matter of luck. There is always the possibility that the final mixture of ingredients will lead to allergies.

Large firms that value their reputation, no wonder create sets of cosmetics designed for a certain age or solving certain tasks. Preparations included in this lineup include the same type of active components and combine well with each other.

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