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10 Secrets Of Beautiful Hair, Learn More

In the spring, the condition of our hair often leaves much to be desired. Just follow these simple and important rules – and the situation will improve fast!

1. To make your hair look lush,

do not overdo it with styling, do not apply to the roots, and always thoroughly wash off the conditioners and masks (their remains “weight” the hair) and choose care and styling products with collagen, keratin, amino acids or light silicones – as, for example, dimethicone (dimethicone) or cyclomethicone (cyclomethicone). They envelop each hair with the finest film, thereby making them thicker and adding a volume to the hair.

2. For the hair to grow well,

be strong and shiny, eat nuts or fish every day. Proteins, vitamin E and Omega-3 acids are the best diet for our hair!

3. Do not wash your head with hot water!

As the British trichologists explain, it destroys the structure of the fat components that are present in the hair and protect it from damage, and also act as a natural conditioner. In addition, hot water causes a very active production of sebum – and if the hair is prone to fat, they will very quickly become a slovenly appearance.

4. If you often lighten your hair or resort to hot styling

– always use masks and indelible products with proteins – so you prevent hair damage and the appearance of split ends.

5. Before applying hot styling or drying hair with a hairdryer,

apply a thermal protective agent. And do not have illusions about professional hairdryers. In addition to using them more difficult than “household”, and they usually weigh much more, improper use of powerful instruments often causes damage to the head of hear. A simple example: if you literally rest for a couple of seconds a strand of hair under a stream of very hot air – this can end badly for the condition of the hair, overdried and burned, they will immediately become more brittle and brittle, they begin to lose their elasticity and shine lipids and their basic building material – ceramides.

6. Avoid radical lightening,

if you want, your hair to always remain healthy, beautiful, strong and shining. The simple truth: turning from a brunette to a blonde will never benefit the hair, even if the most expensive, advanced and “soft” clarifiers are used. By the way, many European trichologists recommend to their patients complaining of loss and poor hair condition, to lighten them no more than three tones: if hair is naturally weak, a more radical change of suit is simply counter-indicative. And do not be naive: almost all (if not all!) So-called “soft clarifiers”, promising to obolondit hair more than three tones, instead of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia contain similar components with the same action, otherwise strong highlighting would be simply impossible !!

7. Let the hair rest:

from dyeing, perm, hairdryers, stylers and even just too tight hairstyles: frequent pulling the hair into a tight ponytail or a high beam weakens the hair follicles and worsens blood circulation in the scalp, and along with it – hair nutrition . And remember that it is best to feel the hair when it is allowed to dry naturally.

8. Protect hair from ultraviolet radiation

– just like you protect the skin. From the sun, the hair not only burns out, but it also becomes drier, their structure is damaged. Especially badly affected are dyed hair, so be sure to make sure that the care products have SPF or use a protective spray. Some scientists even believe that an excess of ultraviolet causes a premature appearance of gray hair.The 2 Week Diet

9. Treat wet hair as neatly as possible:

they are very easily damaged. Even rough, sharp combing or too zealous use of a towel can lead to damage to the protective top layer of the cuticle. Use the means with vegetable oils and amino acids: they will help protect the hair from such damages

10. Keep in mind: Frequent use of synthetic rubber bands and bands,

as well as various metal studs or rims, can also damage the cuticle of the hair, especially if they are dyed or exposed to a chemical wave. Decision? Choose gum and tape from natural materials (preferably silk). And hairpins and similar accessories – from wood and plastic, and, again, periodically let your hair rest from all “superfluous”.

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