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10 Simple Rules Of Daily Self-care

Follow these rules – and you will stay young, beautiful and successful for a long time.
There are many tricks that will help not only to preserve beauty, but also to become more attractive every day.

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1. Make sure to wash off makeup before bedtime

Even if you are very tired and terribly want to sleep, do not forget to have a make-up remover. At night, the skin is renewed more intensively than in the daytime, so it must breathe, and under the layer of make-up it is impossible.

If it is difficult for you to wash your face thoroughly or not, in exceptional cases you can use make-up remover wipes.

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2. Find time for masks and wraps

Do not be lazy to pamper your face, body and hair with nourishing masks and home spa treatments. They help the skin cope with stress, and hair is filled with missing moisture and vitamins.

It is useful to make masks for the night: while you are sleeping, the skin and hair intensively feed and heal.

3. Do not forget to wash your makeup brushes and hair comb

Brushes for make-up should be washed at least once a month. If you daily use brushes for powder or tonal basis, they need to be washed more often – once a week. Otherwise, you risk infecting the skin, because bacteria quickly accumulate on the hands.

If you often use gel, foam or varnish for hair styling, then the hairbrush should be washed every 5-7 days, so that the leftovers do not settle on clean hair.

4. Learn how to use auto tan

At the solemn event, we want to look irresistible. But in winter, pale skinned women have to experiment with different tanning options. The most convenient way is to use self-tanning, but it is not always easy to evenly distribute it on the skin.

In order not to turn into a spotted leopard, use moisturizing body lotion before and after the tanning agent. And also do not forget to carefully scrub the skin before “tanning”, so that it is even.

5. Find your lipstick

The color of the lipstick in the bottle often looks completely different than on the lips. Using the numerous samples, find the right shade that will accentuate the beauty of your face. And remember: if you make make-up with an emphasis on the lips – the lipstick should be bright enough.

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6. Always wear a nail polish remover in your purse

Unforeseen situations happen quite often. And there’s nothing worse than nails with shabby varnish. It is much more pleasant to look at a clean manicure, so do not leave the house without liquid to remove varnish.

7. Do not skimp on the serum for facial skin

One cream is not enough to make the skin velvety. Serums contain more vitamins and other nutrients that the skin lacks. In addition, this agent efficiently starts the regeneration process, prevents peeling and aging.
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8. Look after the eyebrows

Eyebrows can change the facial expression beyond recognition. So take care of them carefully. Eyebrows correct form successfully emphasize the eyes and make you a few years younger.

Daily adjust the shape of the eyebrows. And if they are very light – lightly tinted with a pencil or shadows.

9. Use natural oils

Aromatherapy will help to preserve youth and beauty for a long time. Natural cosmetic and essential oils heals not only the skin and hair, but the whole body. Essential oils can be added to make-up cosmetics, home masks, a bath, an aroma lamp.

10. Learn how to properly distribute the layers of cosmetics

If you simultaneously use a moisturizing cream, tonal basis and powder, learn how to correctly combine these funds. Then you do not get the mask effect on the face.

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