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10 Super Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Your strength is not to go to the gym and calculate calories? Okay, there are easier ways to lose weight.
To lose weight, some effort must be applied unequivocally. But physical activity and proper nutrition can not be turned into hard labor.

If you do not have enough time, money and motivation for regular hikes in the hall and the invention of dietary dishes (or just enough, but lazy), you can improve the physical form of the house, practically doing nothing.

Yes, imagine! Favorite exercises of idlers – like waiting for a courier with pizza and computer games – can be useful for the figure. We have collected two dozen of the easiest ways to lose weight – read and apply!

1. Make yourself a gym at home

Weather does not have to go to the gym, and at home beckons the sofa and favorite TV series? Be smarter – compatible with business. Spread the mat directly in front of the screen. Under the credits make a workout. Then stay in the bar, do twists and attacks. Work with the shock absorber.

About the press do not forget – you can do exercises on it without being distracted from the plot. So, you look, in 30 minutes you will work all muscles and you will enjoy a new series.
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2. Cooking for a week ahead

Do not you like cooking? Then rid yourself of the pain, only on Sunday, gather strength and make preparations for a week. For example, weld several kinds of useful cereals: brown rice, lentils, kinoa – and spread out on containers. During the week they can be used as a supplement to salad (the dish will become more nutritious), and as a side dish.

By the way, scientists at the University of Buffalo found that the more modest the set of products on your table, the lower the chances of overeat – there is no extra temptation.

3. Stock ready snacks

If you do not carry useful goodies (a bag of nuts without salt or apple chips without sugar), then by the end of the day you will inevitably want to eat something from the cafeteria or vending machine. Finished food is not always harmful, but it will not always be possible to find slices and whole fruits and vegetables, nuts and yoghurts.

And if you, coming home from the store, take for a rule to wash and lay out on bags and pockets bags of dried fruits, you will always have a decent snack at hand.

4. Eat slowly

It has been experimentally proven that laying down a spoon or fork when chewing each piece will help you to get full earlier and eat less. And more carefully chew: the study of Harbin Medical University found that those who perform 40 movements of the jaws consume less calories than those who master only 15.

And we will not do without the traditional advice of nutritionists, how not to overeat: drink water before eating. This is useful for health and will reduce appetite.

5. Order ready-made meals

If the kitchen is definitely not yours, calmly turn to the delivery service, now many companies offer useful and dietary sets for every day. Calories are already counted, portions are spread out – this is what helps many to lose weight, as studies show.

The choice is big, from the most simple dishes to gourmet, and the only negative is the price of ready meals. However, you can motivate yourself by the fact that the time saved at the stove you will spend on earning the first million.

6. Pick up sports clothes

If in the past, from fitness, you were disgusted by the wretchedness of your sportive form, now the best times have come! Believe me, such a beautiful and comfortable clothes for training, as now, the story did not yet know: leggings and sconces are so stylish that they motivate them to wear and move, move, move.

7. Trust the phone

Do not bother counting the calories – let the smartphone do it! Applications that allow you to keep a diary of food on your photos of dishes, fully – choose to taste. And there are those who will tell you how to change the diet for weight loss, and make up a training program, if you are too lazy to understand all this.

8. More walk

If in your busy schedule there is absolutely no time for fitness, just try to actively move during the day. Split time: you can not allocate half an hour for a full training – carry it for three exercises for about ten minutes. Or put on a fitness bracelet and take a certain number of steps, trying to do 100 more today than yesterday.

Well, follow the classic rules: every two hours rise from the table and walk to the water source (but not to the refrigerator!), Use the stairs instead of the elevator, talk on the phone standing.

9. Go to bed

Sleep is the best and easiest way to improve a figure without doing anything. Canadian scientists who studied the relationship between lack of sleep and obesity for 6 years noticed that vacationers for 5-6 hours a year gain at least 2 kg of excess weight, in contrast to those who sleep for 7-8 hours. Nedosyp increases the level of the hormone of hunger in ghrelin, but a recent study also recorded that lack of sleep reduces calorie consumption!

As Swedish scientists have found, even a sleepless night can turn on the energy saving mode, and the body will spend on vital functions (breathing, digestion, etc.) by 5-20% of calories less than usual.

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10. Tighten the belt

To not stuff your stomach too much, try to gird yourself with something. When you feel that the stomach rests against the strap, put off the fork and get up from the table. So you will avoid extra calories, and physical discomfort, and feelings of guilt from overeating.

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