9 Rules Of Weight Loss In Winter

10 Things You Should Stop Doing After 50

10 prejudices with which one must say goodbye after 50 years.

We will tell you about actions, habits and prejudices, which it is high time to leave and we must stop doing after 50 years.
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1. To sit on diets.

First, they do not work. Moreover, in the long run, they only lead to weight gain. Secondly, the mood, character and quality of life deteriorate from diets.

2. To paint the gray hair.

No, dye your hair – it’s always please. If you want, and the color that you are. Not to hide your gray hair, but to enjoy your own appearance.

3. Postpone important for later.

There is a classification of cases. Important and urgent – what you need to do right now, and what matters to you. Unimportant, but urgent – everyday routine things, which still need to be given time. Unimportant and not urgent – the occupation of any optional nonsense. And, finally, important and not urgent.
This is exactly what you are really interested in, but what usually does not have enough time.

For example, draw. Or learn for your own pleasure a new foreign language. Or do dancing. Or go to the end of the world. Try to continue this series yourself – you already understood that it is important for you personally and not urgent.

So after fifty it is especially harmful to continue to postpone this important and not urgent for later. Select at least an hour a day, or a few hours a week – but always and regularly for important and urgent matters. You will see how your life will become much happier.

4. Shy of their mistakes.

Little is in the world of things so interesting, inspiring and respectful as a mature man who honestly tells the story of his delusions. While maintaining the ability to self-irony – generally aerobatics.

5. “Devote yourself” to children and grandchildren.

Huge happiness when you really need your loved ones. But happiness is also when relatives support each other in realizing their dreams.

6. Repeat the passed.

Even in the literal sense – if you regularly go (ride, swim and fly) from point A to point B, brain specialists recommend that you periodically deviate from the usual route. New neural connections will not create themselves, and the brain must constantly give new work.

It’s not so important that you surprise your brain. Whether you solve chess problems, swim with a breaststroke or embroider a cross – the main thing is that you learn something new. Actually, follow this advice at any age. But after fifty this is – vitally important for the activity and health of the brain.

7. To experience what they think of you.

After fifty you stop worrying about the opinion of others. It makes life easier and helps you to act and look the way you want.

8. Justify inaction by lack of money.

Perhaps the most frequent complaint in the comments to any story about a happy life after fifty is a complaint about a lack of money. Like, “I would have money, I would too. I would then be hurting. ” Therefore, we often write stories of people who manage to “ogogo” without money. More precisely as soon as there is a “hogo”, money for it somehow are. I seriously think that this is a universal life rule.

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9. Despair in search of love.

First about the main thing: Brad Pitt (53) – again free.

10. Exclude the impossible.

Be realistic – demand the impossible. If earlier on this many lacks inner determination and maturity, then after 50 years – it’s about time.

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