10 Tips to Conquer a Woman: What Every Man Must Know

10 Tips to Conquer a Woman: What Every Man Must Know

If we look at the behavior of men and women it is easy to see that winning a girl is challenging and sometimes even intimidating. It is common for us to run out of business or not know what to do to attract a woman’s attention.

Leaving aside complicated explanations or lengthy processes to create attraction, I have selected 10 quick tips that will help you stand out from the ordinary guys during the conquest.

1. Dress as a man

The conquest begins well before the first “Hi”. By dressing well, before even pulling a subject, the woman will already have a favorable first impression about you. Since most men dress very poorly, any detail you invest will already help you stand out from others.

Let go of bias preconceptions, that understanding fashion or style is just women’s thing and learn how to choose and match clothes, colors and accessories.
10 Tips to Conquer a Woman

2. Be Sociable

Talking to people naturally is one of the skills that will boost your attractiveness to girls. You do not have to be the most popular or extroverted guy in the place.

All you need is to pull subject with people. In doing so, when you find a woman attractive, you will not run out of subject. After all, talking to strangers is natural and spontaneous for you.

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3. Have friends

The girls look at you with other eyes when you are accompanied by other women. You’d be surprised if you found out how women are competitive with each other.

As much as the relationship with your friends is in fact just friendship, the girls will look at you together and imagine that they are giving you soft. When this happens, your quote on the market of conquest will go to heights!

4. Be Bold!

Unless you’re really handsome with the physical type of a model, you’ll need to take the initiative of the approach. Normal guys like me – and probably you too – can not afford to sit around and wait for the woman to show any sign of interest.

Men who do this probably come home alone more often than they would like. That is why, even if she has not noticed it, always take the approach. You have nothing to lose.

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5. Notice body language

Body language plays a central role in human communication, especially in conquest. During an approach women are sending us various signs of interest or even disinterest. A careful perception of these signs will indicate the right moment to move forward or backward.

In the article Body language in seduction you will understand a little better how everything works and you will have a sharper perception to differentiate when a girl is really interested in you or if she just wants to find some fool to drink some drinks for her.

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6. Create Opportunities

Spending the weekend at home watching football will not make any girl fall on your lap. Enjoy your leisure time to turn off the TV, leave Facebook and leave the house.

Look for cultural programs or outdoor activities that you enjoy that will allow you to meet legal women. Of course, from time to time there is always the option of a bar or ballad with friends.
10 Tips to Conquer a Woman

7. Make her laugh

Everyone is already bald to know, but it’s never too late to remember: women like funny men. If a man is able to make a girl have fun, he earns bonuses on the attractiveness scale. But be careful not to overdo the point.

If you behave like a clown all the time, no woman will ever take you seriously. Find balance and understand that there are times to be fun and moments to have a grip.

8. Do not be too hard

We value what we need to strive for. If we are too hard on the woman, she quickly loses interest. Imagine the following situation: you know a woman and are completely involved. The next day you send flowers, call several times, write romantic messages.

It will not take long for a woman to get bored and kick your ass. Even though a woman tells you that you want the super romantic, cute guy who does everything for her, that’s not totally true. The woman quickly tires of the guy who behaves that way all the time.

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9. Learn to talk

10 Tips to Conquer a Woman
Do not let the conversation with the woman look like a job interview. Run away from the beaten questions that everyone does all the time: name, age, profession, where they live. You may even ask these things during the conversation, but lightly in the middle of the conversation.

Take a look at Article 5 tips to start a conversation with a woman and see some ideas for a nice chat.

10. Learn to deal with rejection

I wanted to have the infallible formula so that you would never be rejected. Unfortunately I do not have. If you are single, time or time will have to deal with an outside. What you can not let is that out there shake your self-esteem.
10 Tips to Conquer a Woman
Being rejected is not the end of the world, nor does it mean that you have done something wrong. In fact, most of the reasons that lead to rejection are beyond our control. Maybe she was already emotionally involved with someone else or not at a good time when you approached her. Anyway, let it go and move forward!

Stand out from the common guys

Most of the guys we see out there can not even keep up an interesting conversation with women. Every day I listen to friends complaining about it. The most common complaints are that men do not talk right, drink too much or try to use expensive cars and gifts to impress them. If you follow just a few of the tips presented here, you’ll stand out from the other guys out there.

What next?
Knowing exactly what to do to attract and win a woman is a powerful weapon that every man should have.

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