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10 Tips On How To Maintain A Relationship At A Distance

Not all relationships stand the test of distance. Despite the prevailing stereotypes, you can still keep in touch with your loved one and continue to strengthen it no matter how far away it is. Below are a number of recommendations on how to maintain relationships at a distance.
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1. Planning the development of relations

It is of paramount importance to determine your expectations from the relationship and discuss them with your partner. There are people who are quite satisfied with the virtual romance, and they are not going to transfer it into reality. In this case, it is not necessary to give extra hopes to the chosen one, but to warn about his plans in advance. This will help to avoid frustration and unpleasant conversations after. In any case, discuss your expectations and plans best at the first stages of dating. If the plans of the two lovers coincide, then the prospects for the development of relations are much greater.

2. Use of modern technologies

Today, love at a distance is much easier to maintain than it was in past centuries. Communication of lovers is promoted by various digital technologies Skype, mobile phone, messengers, e-mail, chats, etc. They can be used in full. Videochat in this case is most convenient, because it allows the pair to see each other.

3. Communicating by phone

Any virtual relationship begins with an elementary correspondence. Someone even still prefers to use regular mail services. But do not underestimate the importance of sounding the partner’s voice, which is of great importance for strengthening communication with him. Thanks to the voice, you can feel your loved one better. In addition, it is often easier to say things on the phone than write. People are not always online, so a mobile phone device should always be at hand. Communicating on the phone brings people together and is available in almost any situation.

4. Sharing photos

To date, to capture the interesting moments of his life, there is no need to carry a camera with him, and then carefully take pictures in a dark room. This can be done with the help of a mobile phone or smartphone that is always at hand. With a partner, you can periodically exchange personal pictures taken during walks, work, sports, etc. This will allow you to better understand and understand each other, feel more involved in the life of your partner.

5. Build trust

As you know, trust is one of the most important components and conditions for friendship and love. Without trust, it is impossible to build a normal relationship. Do not create extra reasons for jealousy or constantly show it to your virtual partner. Of course, at a distance it’s harder to control the honesty of a loved one. But this is not the reason for maniacal jealousy, which will only accelerate the rupture of relations.

It is important for both lovers to tell each other about the sphere of their activity and about the friends of the opposite sex. Such openness has to trust. It is worth considering that all people are individual, and that one will react quite calmly, the other can cause real hysteria. Relations at a distance differ from the usual ones in that it is difficult to meet and discuss problems face to face. Therefore, trust in such cases plays a fundamental role.

6. Daily communication

In relation to distance, it is important that both partners are interested in daily communication, even if it is only five minutes before bedtime. Couples in real life often meet and communicate, which supports their intimacy. Even if there are thousands of kilometers between the partners, there is always the opportunity to contact your second half by calling or writing a message by e-mail. When communication is rare, interest and feelings towards the partner decrease noticeably, which negatively affects the development of relations. The frequency of messages and calls directly indicates the interest of the partner in further communication.

7. Extracting the Benefits of Relationships

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It is not necessary to focus only on virtual communication, forgetting about real life. Relations at a distance take less time than ordinary ones, and from this one can derive some benefit. For example, you can learn something new, sign up for a gym, go for yoga, start a blog or journal.

Often the expectation of a meeting gives impetus to advance on a career ladder or new hobbies. And if the partner is a foreigner, then it is not out of place to learn his language, especially since there is an opportunity to communicate directly with his carrier. Even if the relationship does not add up, new knowledge in any case somewhere useful.

8. Maintain a positive attitude

Communication with a partner at a distance should bring joy and positive. It is clear that lovers are sad from the inability to personally meet with each other. But if you constantly think about it and get upset, it will only worsen the relationship. If there is a misunderstanding and a conflict situation, it is important to smooth it in time, change the topics and make more emphasis on pleasant moments.

Virtual communication is a real test before real relationships. Nobody wants to be near an unbalanced person who reacts sharply to any word, is rude, insulting and groundlessly jealous of his partner. That is why it is important to maintain a positive mood and try to avoid conflicts. It is undesirable to get in touch in a bad mood. Preliminarily you need to calm down and get rid of negative thoughts.

9. Joint activities

The development of relations, one way or another, implies a joint activity. It’s quite difficult to implement at a distance. But with mutual desire this problem can be solved. For example, to watch the same good movie, and then discuss it. You can sing the same song in karaoke, play virtual games and even arrange a romantic dinner with video. Such joint actions well strengthen relations and help to pass the time for waiting for a personal meeting.

10. Meetings in real life

Those who have developed a virtual relationship development, you need to be ready for a real meeting with a partner. Love is difficult to maintain long, if you only communicate by phone or the Internet. Sooner or later you will still have to meet to continue communication in real life. Because living communication is difficult to replace.

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