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10 Tips to Protect Your Online Privacy – Be Safe

Privacy Online: There was a time when people had secrets. That ended when the world went online. Nowadays, our usual activities like shopping, talking and traveling are all recorded and stored by different services and companies.

10 Tips to Protect Your Online Privacy

Currently, the data is not locked in a specific location, but is being sold and used. You most likely will not like to know about some forms that your data can be used. Not to mention security issues. It is very unpleasant to find out that your personal information has leaked out and for example all your co-workers now know that you are having marital problems or that you are in debt for having paid for emergency surgery for your child.
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Stories like these are just part of the reason why online privacy should be a concern of all people. We have developed 10 tips for you to better protect your personal data.

All social media are like real treasure chests for criminals, but instead of gold coins, they gather private data from users. Cyber criminals may use this information for fraudulent activity. So it’s a good idea to do a security check-up.

Big Brother digital: who’s watching us on the Internet?

Your email has the “keys” to most of your accounts, as password recovery operations are most often conducted by email notifications. Therefore, it is very important to leave your primary email secure, the one connected with banking and other important sites. If you want to sign in to dating sites and other “dubious” services, you should create a second (or even a third or fourth) account.

Google has recently launched a special tool that lets you verify what data you share with Google services. We recommend that you take a look at “About me”

Be very careful when posting any photo or screenshot online, especially when it comes to identities, boarding passes and documents. It’s also a bad idea to share information about your location and travel itinerary online. Criminals can use this type of information to figure out when you will be away from home to invade it and steal your property, or your personal data, such as bank credentials.

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Do not use open Wi-Fi networks. No matter how safe they may seem, offered by a local coffee shop or bookstore, you never know. To create similar networks, cyber criminals only need a notebook and a Wi-Fi adapter. In fact, they do so in order to intercept logins and passwords from users attempting to connect to the Internet through such fake networks.

Avoid weak passwords.

If you use weak combinations, using only letters, you are not at all protected. We know that it can be difficult to remember complex and secure passwords. So if you do not want to waste time, just resort to an application for this, like Kaspersky Password Manager.

Also think about the privacy of your children.

Cyber bullying is not a joke and many children around the world suffer this type of violence every day. And it is because of this that it is important not to post pictures and videos that can cause embarrassment in your child in the future.

Angry with advertisers?

Advertisements can clog your screen with products you would never buy. Did you know that most of these advertisements add monitoring in your browser? In addition, this monitoring also removes some of your privacy. Users of Kaspersky Internet Security can get rid of this kind of interference with just a few clicks.
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Online stores use their data to associate with advertisements that best fit their interests. They monitor your online activity for more success (of course, all of these processes are automated).

Of course data collectors would not be as successful if they did not know how to sneak into the operating system of users without being noticed – and legally. When you install free software, you receive offers to install additional plug-ins, toolbars, and extensions.

If you click “Next” without reading the text in these installation windows, you install the entire package with the necessary and other unnecessary applications. The latter, for example, change your homepage or search options. But you can protect your browser.

Online privacy and the hidden language of the internet

Secret method for a strong marriagePrivacy is related to our right to control the types of sharing and use of information about our lives, who can know what, and under what conditions. The right to privacy is one of the fundamental human rights to human dignity and autonomy. Each country and each culture has its limits and its customs related to the limits between what we consider public and private in each context.

When we think of Privacy in digital environments we have many challenges, because it is not always easy to know how public or private the environment is. Under Brazilian law, the right to privacy is guaranteed, including for children and adolescents, inside and outside the networks. Any and all breaches of privacy must be legally justified and subject to specific conditions and proportionate to the needs.

The big challenge we face on the Internet is knowing who has access to what information about us, what uses make this information and how public it is. In the network it becomes more difficult to control who can see information that we publish, even if our intention is to show only to our friends or family. This challenge is not only related to the Privacy settings of the social networking sites we use.

To facilitate the understanding of the right to privacy on the network, it is necessary to understand the basic operation of the networks and the rules of use of the websites that we frequent. Finding out about these services is the best way to prevent for safe web browsing. Knowledge allows you to be aware of the risks you are exposed on the network and take precautions to lessen them and avoid them.

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