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10 Useful Tips To Warm A Cold House

10 Useful Tips To Warm A Cold House.

1. Shorten the curtains and window blinds.

Curtains and window blinds create a barrier to the penetration of heat from the heaters into the room. The heaters are working and you are cold. If you have a cauldron at home, you raise the temperature.

If you have central heating, then turn on an additional heater. In order not to spend money in vain, just hang in the winter such curtains, which will be just below the windowsill. And curtains in the floor can be hung in the summer to protect from the summer heat.

2. Use roller blinds.

Many of us used to use such curtains in the summer to close from the sun. But in the winter, such curtains on the windows serve as another barrier to the penetration of cold from the windows

3. Intensive ventilation.

Heat can go out the window. Most of us in the winter avoid opening the windows completely and are limited only by the slightly opened windows. This is not true. The heat goes away and the house is cold all the time.

It is more correct to open the window in the morning and evening completely for 15-20 minutes and well ventilate the room. After you close the window, fresh air will quickly heat up from the warm walls and furniture in the room.

4. Compact the windows.

A large amount of heat leaves the small cracks between the window frame and the wall, and between the panes and the frame. In order to compact the windows does not require a lot of money. Do not spare your time to eliminate these leaks.

5. Comfortable heat in an empty apartment is not necessary.

When there is no one at home – and this can be almost the entire light day, reduce the temperature in the heating system. Just turn the tap.

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6. Follow the temperature guidelines.

Believe me, we throw out too much money in pursuit of excessive heat. Twenty-five degrees in the bedroom does not need anyone. Doctors recommend for all rooms except the bedroom from 20C to 22C degrees. For a bathroom, this temperature rises to 24 degrees, for a bedroom it drops to 18C.

7. Surround yourself with orange and yellow.

According to psychologists, warm colors in the interior can subjectively raise the sensation of heat in the apartment to five degrees. Experiment in winter with a lot of red, brown, yellow and orange in the interior.

8. Use radiators with a thermostat.

When you get the radiators, take with the thermostat. This will allow you to more flexibly and intelligently regulate the temperature in your home.

9. Heat-reflecting energy-saving film for windows.

Such a film, without reducing the transparency of the glass, reflects heat inside the room, while reducing the total heat loss to 25%. Such a film does not cost a lot of money and, in addition, in the summer will help protect the room from the heat.

10.Choose cozy and warm home clothes for your home.

A beautiful home dress, of course, elegant, but more practical to choose pants and a thin sweater. So you will feel more comfortable, and for the money that you saved on heating, buy yourself something nice.


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