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10 Valuable Tips For A Better Relationship

How to build relationships? Here is a list of those things that usually make happy couples.

Different people are helped by different things, but your relationship will certainly improve if you use at least one of these tips.

1- Once a week, take the time to talk face to face.

Create a quiet intimate environment, take care in advance that no one disturbs you and you can focus only on each other.
During such a weekly “meeting” you can simply take each other by the hands, look in your eyes, talk about what is happening in your life now, or try to solve old problems, share your feelings and thoughts about your relationship, about new goals that you would like to achieve.
After such a conversation, it is quite possible to arrange a romantic rendezvous or to engage in some other pleasant business.

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2- Don’t tell your partner about what you care about until you are sure that he is ready to listen carefully.

In communication it is very important first to agree that you will listen to each other, and make sure that you really hear. Just ask: “Can we talk now?” Do not try to start a serious conversation if the partner is focused on another matter.
If he believes that this is not the time for talking, do not insist. Instead, choose a different time, when both of you can fully devote your attention to each other.
But if there was a crisis, remember that the partner needs you right now, and not then. At such moments, be sensitive, put off what you are doing, be ready to listen and talk.

3- Give in the details.

Save energy for what’s really important, do not be stubborn if it’s about small things. Nothing contributes to improving relations in the same way as the ability to yield in small things.
If you are able to concede, when it comes to something not very important, then you are more likely to insist on your own in important matters.

If you can not come to an agreement, let each of you designate the importance of the subject on a ten-point scale, and then check the results. Then it will be easier for you to determine who should make concessions.

If your partner believes that the issue is extremely important, and he rated it at 10 points, and you – only 5, give in. This way can also be used if you need to solve some problem with other relatives and children.

4- Learn without words to admit to love.

From time to time arrange for the partner pleasant surprises: leave the ciphered love messages, give him something “just so” – in other words, act as if you are still in the courtship period, especially if you have not done anything like this for a long time.

Give your loved one what he needs, so that he can even without words understand how he is dear to you.

5- If you are offended or angry with a partner,

wait for favorable circumstances for a conversation and tell him about it calmly and gently, with love and without reproaches.

One of the most effective ways to kill love is to start hoarding offense and annoyance. This will never lead to positive consequences; you will only find yourself in the grip of anger, anger and sadness.

If it’s hard for you to decide to talk about your grievances with a partner, share it with someone else, for example, a psychologist. You have to find a way out for negative emotions, because otherwise they will build up and lead to the collapse of the relationship.

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6- Do not forget that there are two of you.

You can not participate in love, family relationships only “for yourself”; the contribution to each of you must be 100 percent, only then you can get a 100 percent return in return.
One of the effective ways to join together in the cause of strengthening relations is to create a “wish list”, indicating in it various pleasures that you would like to experience with your partner. Think of three or four pleasant things that you would like to do together the next week.

Let these be simple ideas, so that they can be easily implemented. Try to make sure that these sessions seem tempting for both of you.
The main thing is for you to fulfill each other’s wishes with your partner, and therefore do not write anything that can cause conflict.

7- Work on relationships.

The main difference between couples who managed to maintain a good relationship, and those who did not succeed, is that the former are working on them. You should not take each other as a matter of course. To build a truly good relationship, you need to set the goal to work on this, constantly making certain efforts.

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8- Identify new joint goals.

When you achieve in your life some previously planned goals, you need to come up with new ones. After all, we feel happier not when we get what we want, but when we move to what seems desirable to us. If you set new goals with your partner, you will begin to understand each other better, and your relationship will become warmer.

9- Know how to quarrel correctly.

Conflicts in relations are inevitable. But if you do not go beyond certain rules even during a quarrel, then you must solve your conflict and find out of it a positive, constructive way out

10- Behave romantic, and romantic feelings will return to you.

Do not wait until you have a “suitable mood” to have sex.
Prepare the “scenery”, somehow unusually decorating the bedroom, themselves perform in a new unusual role, and you will be surprised to see how quickly revive the romantic feelings.
Good luck in improving relations and all the best.

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