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10 Ways to Become Smarter

Many feel lack of quality brain activity. It’s all because of the routine. Lifehaker will help you take the path of self-development, prevent mental illness and broaden your horizons.

1. Learn a foreign language

Adult learn a new language is difficult. While children do it playfully, parallel to the overall development. Scientists associate this with the features of memory and psyche.

To learn a foreign language for an adult is always a challenge. And always a colossal benefit. In addition to brain training and prevention of memory impairment in old age, you get a profit and a personal life.

2. Read more

When our parents needed new information, they opened a book. Generations Y and Z draw new knowledge on the Internet. The amount of reading may not have decreased, but quality often suffers. After all, books are read in a thoughtful and consistent manner, and articles are usually simply scrolled through the eyes.

3. Turn to art

Art is not only contemplation. Using it, you can develop perception and thinking.

Choose for yourself some area of ​​cultural activity of humanity and try to understand it. For example, fine arts. Attend exhibitions, watch documentaries, read biographies of artists. Gradually you will begin to understand the art, but at the same time learn a lot and look at the new social processes.

4. Watch the video lectures

Milleniales and centenials spend a lot of time on the Web.

Watch yourself for a week or two. How many hours do you spend on communicating in instant messengers and scrolling social networking tapes?

If you redirect at least half of this time to a lecture, you will make a huge leap into self-education. Also, good cognitive videos can be found on YouTube and in iTunes.

5. Watch smart TV shows

At the World Wide Web users, TV is often associated with evil. Today it’s even fashionable to boast: “We do not have a TV at home!”

Indeed, the quality of content on many channels leaves much to be desired, but there are also alternatives. For example, Discovery. This TV channel produces very high-quality popular science programs that can not be legally downloaded on the Web.

See scientific programs in the foreign language being studied – this is a double brain training.

6. Play video games

Contrary to popular judgments about harm, computer games develop reaction, imagination and logical thinking. Scientific research has shown that children who play video games receive higher grades than peers.

Playing difficult quests is like solving puzzles. The player has to take difficult decisions in a short time, choosing the lines of plot development. And it’s a powerful brain trainer.

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7. Solve the puzzle

If you still do not like video games, buy a good old Rubik’s Cube, a Tangram or a puzzle. As an option – download smart games on your smartphone.

Puzzles “rejuvenate” the brain, develop memory, thinking and assiduity. And this is a great time killer: if you get carried away, you can spend more than one hour to solve the puzzle. What else is needed in a train or airplane?

8. Make new acquaintances

Networking helps not only build a career, but develops memory for names and faces.
In addition, a new person is always a source of new knowledge. Communicating with an intelligent interlocutor, even a virtual one, enriches you spiritually and intellectually.

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9. Get enough sleep

An absolute majority of studies have been shown: a healthy adult needs 8 hours to sleep. And in the darkness, comfort and without extraneous noise. These factors affect the quality of sleep.

The relationship between good sleep and similar mental activity is also proven. Read our long for the dream, to dispel the last doubt. Lack of nuisance is harmful to the brain.
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Because of inhibition of neural processes in the parietal lobe, there are problems with the rate of reaction, and when the work of the prefrontal cortex slows down, problems arise with vision and the formulation of thoughts.

10. Go for a healthy diet

Avocados, salmon, blueberries, oatmeal – there are many products that stimulate brain activity and prevent memory impairment.

Enrich your diet with fruits, vegetables, herbs, cereals and seafood, give up cholesterol flavors, and you will feel that your brain is entering new capacities.

Workers of the intellectual front during the day are recommended to drink more liquid. And it is better to alternate coffee with green tea and mineral water.

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