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100 Ways To Express Your Love To A Man

100 Ways To Express Your Love To A Man

We all need love and men also want to not only know that they are loved, but also to see expressions of love, to hear compliments to oneself, to feel our support. This article contains 100 ways to help you express in your actions and words your love for a man.

100 ways to express your love to a man

1. If he came home and opened the doors with his keys – go out to meet him.

2. If he is concerned with something – offer to share with you, listen carefully.

3. Give him tickets for a concert of his beloved band or a film premiere.

4. In the winter – remember with him winter fun: play in snowballs, lie in the snow, ride from the hill!

5. Prepare / heat the lunch or dinner by the time of his arrival home.

6. Lay neatly clothes on his shelves in the closet – and do not forget to show where that is!

7. Call the work phone and say that you love him.

8. Remind him of the evening broadcast of the football match and if you want to watch with him.

9. Talk to him about cars (other customary “male” themes are allowed – choose what you can say something about, so that in the long run, instead of a conversation, only his monologue did not turn out!).

10. Hug more often – so love will not break from the hands!

11. Kiss often – in general it is useful for health …

12. Offer to spend time with his friends (with or without you).

13. At the lunch break, wait for him to work together to take a walk and have a bite to eat.

14. Draw or order his portrait.

15. More often praise him, it is important for a man to know what a fine fellow he is.

16. Listen to the news from his work (questions and other participation in the conversation are welcome!).

17. Praise his fresh shaving!

18. If together you buy something for him – be sure to take a better, though more expensive, thing.

19. If he wants to get together with friends at your house – prepare something for everyone.
100 Ways To Express Your Love To A Man
20. Ask him to rub his back in the shower!

21. Do not criticize even the most stupid of his ideas.

22. Arrange a surprise for his Birthday: cover the table and call your friends before he comes home.

23. Arrange a romantic dinner at home with candles.

24. Send SMS with some good news or confessions of love during working hours.

25. After the list of purchases for the store, write that you love him.

26. Send him a postcard to your home address by post.

27. Help him hang a picture: if it turns out crookedly – not only he will be to blame!

28. Give him a massage after work.

29. Hang a fresh towel in the bathroom for him.

30. In addition to the usual purchases in the store, buy him a jar of beer.

31. Let him sleep before lunch on weekends, if you want, sleep with him before dinner!

32. Smooth or scratch his back, hands or head. Usually men like it very much.

33. Ride with him on bicycles around the city or out of town.

34. Make him laugh.

35. Admire with him a beautiful sky at sunset.

36. Take a walk with him under the stars.

37. Write in Skype that you love him – when he’s not online, so that when you turn skype on, he reads the message.

38. Go with him in the shops of men’s clothing and shoes – pick and buy something.

39. Choose together with him a bottle of wine for dinner.

40. Ask him to choose a recipe for food on the Internet and prepare it.

41. Quiz with him crossword puzzles.
 Ask him to choose a recipe for food on the Internet and prepare it.

42. Help to tie him a tie.

43. Go with him to the amusement park – ride on the attractions!

44. Have good dreams for him every night.

45. Watch when he goes home, and wave him out the window.

46. ​​Go with him to the bowling alley or ride together on roller skates.

47. Give him the gift certificate of the SPA salon (even if your man is not a fan of cosmetic procedures, he certainly will not refuse a Thai massage).

48. Play with him in something – for example, in cards for stripping!

49. Tie him a scarf or woolen socks.

50. Give him a color interesting postcard, made by own hands.

51. Support him in a new beginning – if you see that he is inspired and fired up with an idea.

52. Buy him a new good shirt.

53. Talk to him about “what would you do without him.”

54. Dream with him alone – share with each other your dreams.

55. Give a “valentine” in some other day – except February 14.

56. More often bear the ornaments given to them.

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57. Let him choose the color of your lipstick.

58. Arrange a picnic in the park, and preferably on weekends outside the city.

59. Try to console and distract if he has trouble.

60. Share news with each other for the past day.

61. Do not distract him if he is busy with something.

62. Get him to fight with pillows.

63. Warm up for him place under the blanket.

64. Put your stockings on the house.

65. Try to keep his gifts in a prominent place, and if this thing is applicable in everyday life – more often he will use it.

66. Arrange a meeting with his parents.

67. Draw his initials on his headscarf.

68. Praise him for success at work.

69. Write him a romantic letter by e-mail.Eye Floaters No More

70. Do for him some beautiful dessert at home – for example, jelly with cream and cherries on top, or something like that.

71. Look good – for him and for yourself!

72. If it’s cold outside, make sure he’s warmly dressed.

73. Arrange for him a show of linen – be a model!

74. Go with him to dance – learn how to dance together beautifully!

75. Praised him for everyday household affairs.

76. If he fell asleep, cover the door to the room – so as not to wake him.

77. Make a photo album with the most interesting of your photos.

78. Arrange a trip with him to another country, or at least to another city.

79. Do some of his fantasies.Tell him that you really need him (or better, tell him this periodically).

80. Let him be alone if necessary.

81. Praised his appearance.

82. Make another payment for him!

83. Do something with him for the first time – for example, jump with a parachute!

84. Put on your mobile phone instead of a beep some of his favorite song or melody.

85. Tell him that you really need him (or better, tell him this periodically).

86. Argue with him about something, and then agree!

87. Pamper him under the table.

88. Tell him that he drives well.

89. Place for him a congratulation on the anniversary in a newspaper or magazine.

90. Organize “going out into the light” – go with him to the theater or to an exhibition.

91. In the morning do for him (and for yourself, of course!) Freshly squeezed orange juice.

92. Buy him nice little things (a good pen, a mug, order a book for him on the Internet, do not tell him anything, etc.).

93. Meet him with a sunrise on the roof.

94. Refill his mobile phone account – and make sure the battery is properly charged!

95. Give him the computer in the evening.

96. Give him the last candy in the box!

97. Organize a boat trip with him, or horseback riding outside the city.

98. Leave him a gift “In Contact.”

99. Download from the Internet some good, good comedy and make a home movie.

100. Give him a child!


Now you know 100 simple ways to express your feelings for your beloved man. I would be happy if you add your methods in the comments.

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