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11 Ingenious Ideas Of Storing Cosmetics

I advise you, in addition to the ideas described, to pay attention to pictures with options for storing cosmetics that I have collected for you – they also have many interesting ideas, so many – that it’s just too lazy to describe everything.
ingenious ideas storing cosmetics.

1. Transparency policy

When you try to squeeze all of your makeup into drawers and lockers, then trying to find the desired product can be a failure. Use transparent acrylic boxes, and you can “scan” each box for the presence of the desired lipstick without having to dig through everything.
storing cosmetics

2. The Great Separator

Special dividers for drawers can instantly organize the storage of cosmetics, and finding the necessary things will become much easier. You can go further and divide your box into compartments, where all items will be grouped by type (lipsticks with lipsticks, blush with blush, etc.).

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3. Increased stickiness

If you do not already have a beauty board, then you can do it by yourself! Cover the metal sheet with a black cloth and decorate the whole structure in a frame, and then hang it on the wall. Glue the small magnets on the bottoms of your jars-boxes with makeup-products and just stick them to the board. Also you can stick Velcro on the wall and on the bottom of the jars. This is also an excellent option, so that cosmetics do not lie scattered around the perimeter of the apartment.
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4. Box with a rainbow

This ingenious idea of ​​storing cosmetics belongs to the beauty blog of The Beauty Department. You will decorate the usual shoe box for the beautiful colorful colored paper, and put your favorite nail polish in it. In order to quickly navigate in bottles, do not forget to paint on the caps of shades of varnish. The easiest way to do this is to drip a drop of varnish from a bottle with, for example, a toothpick. Or take a lesson from the beauty department.
storing cosmetics

5. Dear heart bouquet

Do you want your brushes to be organized not just comfortably, but also beautiful? Fill a small vase with decorative stones, specially processed glass, beads, glass beads, coffee beans – whatever your heart desires, and distribute brushes inside. “Filler” will perfectly hold the brushes at a distance from each other and they will all be in sight. In addition, such a “bouquet” will be very adorned by a dressing table.
storing cosmetics

6. Packing suitcases!

Vintage suitcases are increasingly used by handicraft geniuses as a variety of home furnishings and homes – they are pet beds, tables, boxes for storing things and so on. There is also another way to use an old grandmother’s suitcase – as a suitcase for cosmetics. You can fill it with the most used cosmetics, and open it when you do makeup. And the rest of the time he can peacefully snooze under the bed, without disturbing anyone.

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7. We conquer new spaces

storing cosmetics
As an option, you can treat the organization of storing cosmetics more ergonomically, and even effectively use every centimeter of available space. For example, as in the case of organizing space for appliances for styling, you can arrange acrylic holders in lockers to get +10 cells for storing cosmetics.

8. In a suspended state

Such “hanging” box-bags for storage of small items are suitable not only for travel. They are also quite convenient to store cosmetics, which you use from time to time. The transparency of the materials will help to be visible to all means. Well, when you do not need cosmetics, all this good can be rolled up and put in a closet.

9. Protection against dust

The most unpleasant thing in storing brushes is dust. This problem can easily be solved by arranging a special container with a lid for storing your favorite brushes. Just remember that it is necessary to put them in such a container already dry.

10. Flour perfectionists

If you are a perfectionist, then for you the ideal solution may be to organize the storage of cosmetics by color – all makeup products can be distributed by brand, and then, by the shades of brand products.

11. It’s time for beautiful jars!

If you, like me, do not like to throw out beautiful glass jars, in anticipation that “they are sure to come in handy”, then their finest hour has come! We get them out of the kitchen cabinets and use them for organizing brushes, pencils, carcasses and all the long ones that are in your beauty range.

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