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11 Signs That You Have A Real Relationship – Not Just Sex

On what grounds can you determine that your relationship is really real and your partner loves you?

As a rule, the relationship is very dynamic and unstable, but it is even more difficult to predict or save them. The fact that you have identified for yourself a relationship with someone as a romantic relationship does not yet mean that they are built on love, rather than on simple affection. The desire of a person to be together can only be judged by his actions, but not by his words.
11 Signs That You Have A Real Relationship - Not Just Sex
But what are these actions? If you are absolutely not sure about the reliability of the relationship, do not worry. There are a number of signs that will tell you the truth. If most of those listed below in this article are applicable to you and your partner, then you can be proud: you have true love!

Enjoy your love and appreciate it as benefits.

Signs of the present relationship:

1. You spend a lot of time with each other

Time is the most important and valuable thing that you can share with another person. It is especially valuable, because people never spend it on something that does not matter to them. Therefore, if you and your partner find time for each other, then you are both really in love.

2. You make purchases that your half will definitely appreciate

And it’s not necessarily something huge. Even an irrelevant trifle like a favorite dish for your partner from a nearby restaurant testifies to how important it is to you.

3. You exchange keys to a house or apartment (if you do not live together)

No one will carelessly hand over keys to someone from their home without a good reason. If you and your partner give each other free access to your apartment, then this is nothing more than a testimony to the seriousness of the relationship. After that, in your life there will be no more closed doors from the second half.

4. You do not hide your relationship in social networks

Today the importance of social networks in society is growing all the time. And if you and your partner do not hide their relations in the network, then you openly declare to the world about their seriousness.

5. Do you do socially significant actions together?

And this is not a question of “social relationships“, associated only with dates, but a measure of responsibility to each other in the performance of some actions. For example, if you record it on both of you when you buy a new apartment, this is real responsibility and trust.

6. Do you plan a joint trip for two

When two people decide to spend a holiday together, they pass the real test is not compatibility. If you and your partner are willing to do this, then both of you have really serious intentions.

7. You freely discuss the most intimate details of your body

Your relationship has reached that level of relationships, when everything that concerns your partner does not cause disgust in you. You do not condemn each other and so humanized your partner that nothing can surprise you.
 You freely discuss the most intimate details of your body

8. Do you think about a joint future?

Talking about your relationship, you two are thinking about their future. You have little happiness today, and to keep this love you must strive for more. If you want to develop relationships further, this is a sure sign of the sincerity of your feelings.

9. You do not hide your passwords and access codes

Your life is now like an open book – your relationship with a partner became so close. You completely trust each other and have reached such a level of intimacy that other couples can only dream about it. You are confident in the second half and know that it will never betray you.

10. You are ready for anything for the sake of a partner, despite possible inconveniences

You give way to each other and go for sacrifice for your sake. Your own comfort is no longer as important as it used to be. Much more joy and pleasure brings you to be useful to your partner, regardless of any inconvenience.

11. Before taking decisions, you take into account the opinion of a loved one

For each of you to make any decision is not so simple as before. Now you always reckon with the opinion of your beloved or your beloved and do not take hasty or thoughtless decisions not to make your partner feel deprived.

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