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12 Excellent Psychological Advices: Parting With A Loved One

12 Excellent Psychological Advices On How To Survive Parting With A Loved One

1. Understand that nothing lasts forever under the moon and in this world there is nothing super stable

It must be understood that very rare relationships last all your life!
Sooner or later you may have some kind of discord or break, and you will part.

2. Find your favorite pastime, which you want to do and be passionate about with great passion.

Regarding your life in principle, finding your occupation, which you want to do, you want to live and be enthusiastic – it strongly supports you emotionally and from all sides! Having it, you will not be so much hammered and thrown into a panic at some loss, even if you broke up with your loved one.

3. Realize that the relationship in any case,

can not be the mission and goal in life. Sooner or later the illusions will collapse. To some extent, people can create each other this illusion, then it all falls apart just to the nines. Relations are certainly important. In them, we can realize ourselves, be given to another person, build up emotional contact with a partner, make our life easier and his life. But in general they can not be a mission.

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4. Do not let yourself slide into an emotional pit after parting.

Emotionally, the problem can be quite trivial. But, for example, a man can so emotionally slide into this gap that he will have a desire to go to the mountains, become a monk and do nothing more in this life, or go into business with forgetting about women in general.

5. First, solve the psychological problem:

do not go to extremes and run to seek a new partner. After the break, there may be a feeling that supposedly it is necessary to solve everything right now. The problems need to be thinned out as they come. You do not have to decide everything at once.
First find harmony with yourself and solve the problem inside. If you have an unstable emotional state, depression, then first deal with this.

6. What can your brain do with you:

analogy with a worn out plate. All your memories of a past love, when everything was fine, blossomed and smelled – it’s just an appearance. If that balance were preserved, then it would indeed be so. And this is an illusory appearance. It’s already like a worn-out record, which has also cracked. How does the brain joke with you? When you have a gap and there were a lot of jambs, which you do not even really want to remember, the brain throws you this worn out disc.

7. Allow yourself to leave forever:

there is nothing to decide, no need to cling. Let yourself go forever. Understand that there is already nothing to solve and no one. Someone from you nakosyachil and it is important to understand that this is normal. No matter how painful everything is perceived, give yourself the opportunity to go away forever. Just like your partner gives himself this opportunity. Every girl and every guy gives himself this opportunity.

8. Make a choice to be cool and not needy, take away expectations.

A person who does not need is one who does not cling to other people, is inclined to give more than to receive and never expects anything from this life! Strive for them to be. A needy person does not think about what you will have in the future (even if there is a 99% guarantee, you do not tell others). You can say: “Yes, I have such plans …”. You’re going to do it, but you do not live it.
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9. In the next six months or a year, change completely the perception of the relationship.

After your parting, do not grasp immediately for a new person and do not try to make it right away for a very long time. Do not be confused so as not to communicate with anyone at all and not to get acquainted. No, you are still communicating and getting close to new people, enjoying the attraction between you. But there should not be this desire to make a man his property for some long time.

10. Ask yourself:

“Are your feelings and the image of the former partner real, or is it your subjective perception?” The way a guy perceives a former girl as such a cool is his personal subjective perception of a girl. In addition to it, no one perceives it that way. All other people see this same girl, the same appearance, her own face, but their well-being does not improve in any way! And it is very important to be aware of this in order to close the worries about how it is easier to survive the parting with your loved one.In the period of radical training, hunger is the main enemy of an athlete

11. Your affection is tested

with the feelings and sensations that you experienced earlier with a partner, and not the person himself. Understand that you are attached to the feeling, not to the person himself.
This feeling is drawn by your personal subjective perception. Understand this, and it will become much easier for you.

12. Love yourself for real.

When you fall in love with yourself for real, your total love will be much stronger than feelings for the former person. Your love for yourself will be the strongest and strongest. No feelings can absorb and bind you. And then you will forget about attachment to feelings, you will give more to this world. And then people will start reaching you.

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