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14 Cooking Tricks for Those Who Have Diabetes

Some days ago the father of a young man with diabetes arrived at the nutrition clinic with his son under his arm, all excited because he now knew what he would cook on the weekends when he was with his son. This is the purpose of my book: to enthuse people for cooking and food and to give them the confidence and tools to manage their food as best they can.

Who says this is a dietician, consultant and responsible for the cooking classes of the Diabetic Protective Association, who has just released the book, “369 DIABETES FRIENDLY RECIPES“.

The story he has just commented shows that the book is having to do with the intention with which it was designed: more than a book on diabetes, “369 DIABETES FRIENDLY RECIPES” wants to be a practical and useful manual in the clarification of practical aspects related to diet adapted to people with this disease.

How does this happen?

In addition to all the useful information about this disease, it contains a huge set of recipes – they are over a hundred. They are divided into chapters, each corresponding to a food with characteristics that, according to the dietitian, directly influence the control of this disease. Examples: quinoa, oats, legumes, carrots. November is the month of diabetes.

According to the National Diabetes Observatory Annual Report published in 2015, diabetes affects 13.1% of the total population of the World, which translates into more many millions, aged between 20 and 79 years .

On the other hand, the World Health Organization considers diabetes an epidemic as it tends to affect more people from year to year, and predicts that it will become one of the deadliest diseases in the next 25 years. Diabetes is a disease caused by a deficiency or resistance of the body in the production of insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, that works as a key that allows the entry of glucose [ sugar] into the cells. Without this hormone, glucose does not enter and accumulate in the blood.
14 Cooking Tricks for Those Who Have Diabetes
And the problem with diabetes is precisely this: “Diabetes is characterized by an increase in blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia) due to insufficient production or action of insulin, or even both.” There are several types of diabetes, but the most common are type 1 (more rare and caused by an autoimmune reaction) and type 2 diabetes (it accounts for 90% of cases and is primarily caused by people).

People with diabetes in many cases have to learn how to eat: they have to learn a lot about food, realize its impact on the body and manage their daily lives to get all the recommended meals, in addition, they must be able to account for carbohydrates or portions of carbohydrates to adjust the therapy and / or to see if they are eating more or less.

In the book “369 DIABETES FRIENDLY RECIPES“, the experts give more than a hundred recipes with portions and doses intended for those suffering from this disease. They are all nutritionally balanced, varied and tasty.

14 Cooking Tricks for Those Who Have Diabetes

Some measures, recommended by experts in healthy cooking, have ended the prejudice over lean and loaded sweetener recipes.

1) Replace the chocolate

The suggestion is by nutritionist and chef Silva, from Day by Diet, in the state capital: when you prepare a cake, change the chocolate from the recipe for cocoa powder. In this way, besides making the dessert much more tasty, you ensure a beautiful coloring and still save on the sugary portions that some products usually bring. Even so, it is worth paying attention to the carbohydrate content of the substitute. Live eye on the label!

2) Abuse of eggs whites

Another secret from the expert Silva: remove an entire egg from the recipe and in its place, add two egg whites. It is that the white part of the eggs interferes in the consistency, making the preparations more aerated. Not to mention that it increases the preparation with excellent quality protein and, what is better, reduces its cholesterol content. Diabetics should redouble their attention with this fat, since the excess is accused of bringing problems to the arteries.

3) Include citrus fruits

Thanks to the presence of a substance called citric acid, fruits like orange and lemon are great stars of diet cooking. Experts explain that our taste buds are more sensitive to acid flavors and, for that reason, that peculiar taste of sweeteners ends up masked. In fact, whenever the revenue allows, avoid exposing these fruits to high temperatures. That way, you guarantee an extra pinch of vitamin C and strengthen your defenses.
14 Cooking Tricks for Those Who Have Diabetes

4) Slim the recipe

Who teaches this is an expert doctor, who, it is said, has worked with diabetic cuisine since 1991 and was able to try out the most different tricks. Then, note: To reduce the fat content, you can replace part of the cream with a mixture of skimmed milk (a cup), starch (a spoon) and light margarine (a spoon). These ingredients should be cooked until reaching the cream point. And, you know, this whole economy is going to make your heart beat healthier and happier.

5) Bet on oats

The largest treasure of this cereal goes by the name of beta glucan. It is a type of soluble fiber that achieves the feat of dragging cholesterol out of the body and thus avoids the danger of fat plaques.

6) Increase with cinnamon

Besides giving flavor and aroma to the dishes, the use of this spice can appease that desire to eat goodies. At least this is what scientists at the University of Lund in Sweden have observed in a group of volunteers. The Swedish study has shown that there is delayed emptying of the stomach after the ingestion of cinnamon, which is a sign that it contributes to satiety.

7) Use bran

This ingredient, which can come from cereals like wheat, helps balance blood sugar levels thanks to its huge amount of fibers, these celebrated bowel watchers.

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8) Fill with sweet milk diet

You find this deliciousness ready in any supermarket, but before adding it to the recipe, know some tricks of the nutritionist and chef. For the sweet milk diet stick with cake filling texture, add it with vanilla flavored diet box pudding, suggests and adds: The tip is to prepare the pudding following the instructions on the package and then mix them to increase mass.

9) Take advantage of the vinaigrette

How about swapping greased sauces for a recipe of onions, peppers, herbs and vinegar with a strand of olive oil? The popular vinaigrette can enter into sandwiches prepared with lean meats, roast beef or cold pastries and pates. And the best is that it filled the snack with protective substances, which fall into a good in any diet. Raw vegetables increase satiety and improve intestinal function.

10) Pay attention to the dose

Never fall into the trap of overflowing in the amount of sweetener. Abuse not only gives any recipe a pinch of flavor of remedy as it can even make you gain weight. It is that some artificial sweeteners contain the same calories of sugar, that is, 4 per gram. Not to mention that the more we consume, the more the brain will want to be fed up with sugary tastes.

11) Season with herbs

It is not enough to highlight the preparations and make everything much more delicious, some seasonings offer compounds that look after the integrity of the cells and fight inflammation and, therefore, can not be excluded from the diet of the diabetic.

12) Stir the ingredients right

Follow the following touches of Silva and avoid that the cake is soles. “Beat the margarine and then the eggs. After forming a cream, put the milk and stir lightly until blended. If this is done too fast, the trapped air will go away and with it the volume! After sifting the flour and the yeast, join them manually using a was or the beater itself. Never beat the flour in this apparatus, but with your hands, lightly, slowly. ”

13) Choose the right yeast

According to this expert, the secret is to search for a magic word in the list of ingredients that appears on the label: sodium pyrophosphate. This substance always appears next to the bicarbonate, and together they have more potent action and make the cake grow even. “When the recipe does not carry sugar, it is important to have a very effective chemical ferment,” he points out.

14) Throw a pinch of salt

The number 1 spice in the kitchen is more an ally against the residual taste of most artificial sweeteners used to make cakes, pies and other diet pasta. But here we have two suggestions: the first is to add to such a pinch during the preparation, that is, before the recipe lands in the oven. That way, the trick becomes more efficient. Already the second tip is beyond important: not worth to err the hand, please! Excess salt acts as a trigger for increased blood pressure.

Fortunately, the diet for people who have diabetes is easy, does not have to be without flavor, or without seasoning; it must be a feeding always made, without intervals. The nutritionist expert gave some tips of meals that have all the nutrients necessary to achieve the balance of the organism. Vegetables, for example, along with legumes are essential for the proper functioning of the intestine and for aid in the control of glucose.

Fish with omega-3s, such as sole, trout, salmon, boyfriend, tuna, sardines, also help control glucose, eating that type of meat is always fundamental,” says the nutritionist. These meats are important for gaining and preserving muscle mass, since they provide protein, but it is essential that the lean choices are chosen, rather than the greasier ones.

The diabetic can eat any type of fruit including mango, fig, grape and persimmon, as well as orange, guava and apple that have soluble fiber, which also help control glucose,” explains Adriana, noting that they should be consumed in moderation , since they are rich in fructose – the fruit sugar.

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Food and Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body can not effectively use the insulin produced, leading to an increase in blood sugar (hyperglycemia).

There are several types of Diabetes, but Type 2 Diabetes is the most frequent, accounting for about 90% of cases, and is associated with less healthy lifestyles, such as over-calorie eating, physical inactivity and overweight body.

Prevention of type 2 diabetes requires the adoption of healthy lifestyles (physical activity and healthy eating) and weight control, and it is possible to reduce the likelihood of Type 2 diabetes in individuals at risk by about 58%.

Once diabetes is diagnosed, its treatment is based on the acquisition of a healthy diet, the practice of physical activity, medication (oral antidiabetics or insulin) and weight loss in case of overweight or obesity.

There is no specific diet for people with diabetes. The ideal is to follow the guidelines for healthy eating, similar to those recommended for the general population, of which we highlight:

a) Fractionation of food throughout the day is critical to avoid sharp rises and falls in blood glucose and help control appetite. That is, try distributing food for about 6 meals a day.

b) Include foods rich in fiber (example: bread mix or rye, oat flakes, vegetables, peas, beans, beans) in meals also help control blood sugar and appetite plus other health benefits.

(c) Sugar, honey, soft drinks and sugary foods (eg cakes, sweets, chocolates, jams, wafers) should be reserved for special occasions as they may cause a marked rise in blood glucose. Most of these foods, in addition to sugar, are high in fat and calories, so frequent consumption can contribute to weight gain and cardiovascular disease.

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