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14 Signs That Your Relationship Is Healthy

If we choose a person in the world to be together, that choice has to be well thought out. And you have to make up, always. Because if it’s to partner with someone who brings more stress and disagreement than good times, it’s best to be alone.Weird trick that chemically alters a man's mind to need you intensely

Thinking about it, we put together a list of signs that your relationship is healthy. Of course, you do not have to identify yourself on all of the items, but the list can help to see if your relationship is really paying off:

14 Signs That Your Relationship Is Healthy

1. The moments in which they are together are, for the most part, good moments. Even if they are not doing anything important or if they go together, the company of each other should already be worth it.

2. The other does not irritate you – Apart from punctual cases, the person next to you can not be someone who often makes you irritated by silly motives.

3. You always find some way to innovate in sex – Sex, while simple, has a lot of things to explore. It could be a position, a catch, a different maneuver with the mouth – it does not matter. Small things have power to renew the horny.

4. You cultivate old friendships – True friends can not be exchanged for anyone. They’ve always been there for you, and they’ll probably be in the future too. Take care of them.

5. You miss me – (it is a delicious feeling), especially when you know that you will be able to meet soon. Not to miss each other is not a good sign.

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6. You speak the truth – Being honest today is difficult. But if you chose someone to have on the side, you need to be honest with each other. Silly little ones turn into snowballs when they pile up.

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7. You control jealousy – Jealousy is a natural feeling, but totally controllable. If you trust each other and understand that you can not lose what you do not have, everything gets easier. Jealousy is a step to paranoia.

8. You have fun together – Most of the time together, it’s fun. Already said the song: “If we do not know how to laugh anymore, my love is all that’s left to cry”

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9. You only discuss for real reasons – There are couples who love to come up with a fight just so they can make up later. Remember: people forgive, but forgetting is difficult.

10. You kiss each other often -I’m not talking about those little kisses we give even our grandmother. Tongue kissing is one of the sexiest things out there and feeds the daily nerve.

11. You praise one another – After a time of coexistence, praise often diminishes as if the other’s qualities have already been understood. But, do not forget that even the most obvious compliments are good to listen to.

12. You do not complain about the routine, enjoy it – Many people complain about the routine when, in fact, they should have it as an ally. Routine is our partner and it is quite possible to take pleasure with the usual. Fighting it is a useless battle.
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13. You take care of each other – For a relationship to work, you must have a lot of generosity in the story. A relationship with equality is one in which you do your best to take care of the other and know that you will be rewarded.

14. You are not two halves, you are two integers – It is impossible to want to share something that you do not have with someone. If you can not be good alone, if you do not know how to enjoy solitude, there will always be a gap to be completed. I did not want the other to complete you – I wanted the other to add.

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2 thoughts on “14 Signs That Your Relationship Is Healthy

  1. Anna,
    This was a wonderful article! Really well thought out and I love it! My husband and I love to be with each other; even when we’re doing activities that one may not “completely” enjoy, we want to do it just to be with them. We laugh together, hang out, and enjoy the company….in turn this really helps our love life, the ability to trust each other, and decrease jealousy. I know that I can trust him because we have built a solid foundation of love and respect in our marriage. Really great post! ~ Johanna

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