Daily Self-care

15 Daily Self-care Simple Tips for Women

Daily Self-care
The modern world dictates a fairly fast pace of life. It is very difficult in such conditions to allocate time to tidy yourself up. But the lack of time does not cancel our desire to constantly look beautiful.

Therefore today we want to bring to your attention 15 simple tips that will help you stay always well-groomed and attractive.
Daily Self-care
1. The first item is regular care of face and body skin. Regardless of the type of skin, age and financial possibilities, one should daily cleanse and moisturize the skin. To do this, you can use both branded cosmetics, as well as funds prepared independently.

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2. The next point I would like to note is the need (I would even say vital necessity) to wash off make-up with special means before bed.
During sleep, the skin on the face and around the eyes rests and recovers after the last day. Therefore, leaving make-up on the face, we do everything to make the skin faster aging, pores clogged, lost a healthy complexion.

3. If we carefully think through the skin of the face, our hands suffer from a lack of attention. As a result, our true age can be very easily identified by the skin of the hands. To avoid this, do not forget to use the cream every day in the morning and in the evening.

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4. To date, there is a discussion about how often you need to wash your head. We will not go into the details of this discussion, but I would like to say that you should wash your head as necessary. But how quickly hair gets dirty – it depends on many factors (such as scalp, physical activity, work, nutrition, etc.).

5. After washing your hair, do not rush to dry your hair with a hairdryer. Give a little bit of water to absorb moisture and then (if you’re in a hurry) use a hairdryer.
If possible, allow time for hair to dry itself.

6. For hair to please us with its beauty and shine, we need to comb it regularly (at least 2 rubles per day) starting from the tips and gradually moving higher. Combing your hair in this way, you are less traumatizing them.
Daily Self-care
7. For your smile to fight on the spot, take care of your teeth. To do this, it is enough to clean them regularly and, if necessary, contact specialists for treatment.

8. Do not forget about physical activity. If you include in your schedule a small set of exercises (for 15-20 minutes) – this will help to effectively support your body in tone.

9. Red eyes have not added charm to anyone. Therefore, if you were on the street during a strong wind and / or frost, if you worked for a long time on the computer, let the eyes relax, – the lotions from tea brewing will help.

10. In hot seasons do not forget to regularly use sunscreen.


11. The impression of a beautiful girl can quickly ruin her wardrobe. Therefore, when choosing clothes, do not pay attention only to fashion, in the first place, think whether it is right for you.

12. Before applying make-up, think about the result you want. After all, daytime makeup is very different from the evening. When choosing a color range of makeup, remember about the combination with the selected style of clothing.

13. To be always beautiful and slim you need to regularly monitor your diet.

14. Water is the source of life on our planet. Therefore, to look good, you need to try to drink 1,5-2 liters of clean water every day.

15. That you did not do to save your beauty, it will not help you if your body does not get a full healthy sleep.

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