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15 Minimalist Hacks That Will Enrich Your Life

What is the essence of minimalism, how to maintain the interior in its original form, why is it worthwhile to dismantle the wardrobe and when is the time to allocate funds for your own education? The answers to these and other questions you will find in our material
Minimalism is fashionable, convenient and very practical. However, to preserve the original appearance of the interior becomes more and more difficult with time, and we begin to doubt whether it is really a good idea, but is it realistic to live fully in a minimalist interior, and should we do it?

Our today’s selection is designed to dispel doubts and make you remember the main philosophy of minimalism – to live today, to be satisfied with the necessary, to find beauty in small things and to accumulate inner potential.

1. Reasonable organization of space.

2. Abandonment of excess. If you constantly use only three knives, the remaining eight can be safely removed away.

3. There is no shopaholism! If something fits your interior, it does not mean that you need it.

4. Spare no time. Twenty minutes a day spent cleaning up will save you nerves and time for a weekend break.

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5. Wear or dispose of. Reorganize the wardrobe, extra things just take up space.

6. Start small. To disassemble a pile of things is not so easy, move to the goal steadily – on a box a day.

7. Look to the future. Going to buy another thing, try to imagine it in the interior in six months. Have doubts crept in? Turn away and go on.

8. Do it now. Do not postpone for later cleaning, reorganization, or even washing dishes. “Then” often stretches for several weeks.
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9. Keep only the essentials at hand. What you use every day, not from time to time.

10. Add colors. Neutral shades, of course, are beautiful, but the inquisitive mind and restless imagination is vitally necessary color.

11. Do not add – replace. Bought something new? Clean the old one.

12. Invest in yourself, not in the decor. Instead of the next picture, a carpet and a fashionable chair, spend money on a book, a master class or training courses.

13. Do not stop. The correct minimalism, like life, is always a process. Be vigilant, watch the order.

14. Do not sell changeable fashion. Real luxury is not the purchase of new furniture, but a reasonable rejection of it.

15. Look for an alternative. The current time allows you to realize almost any idea. Use this.

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