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15 Simple Effective Ways: Improve Health, Quality Of Life

Many people believe that in our time it is difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle, but often, it’s just an excuse. Of course, it is much easier to complain about life or lack of free time, sitting in front of the TV on the couch. But if you overcome your laziness, then your life and the life of your family can dramatically change for the better. So, what does a modern person need to be healthy?Lean Belly Breakthrough

Healthy Lifestyle 15 Simple And Effective Ways To Improve Health And Quality Of Life

In order to determine how to lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to know what health is. For management, a definition of human health will be achieved – an objective state and a subjective sense of complete physical, mental and social comfort. According to the World Health Organization, human health depends on the following factors:

  • 10% – the state of the health care system in the country;
  • 20% – the ecological situation;
  • 20% – genetic heredity;
  • 50% is the way of life of a person

Starting from the above data, we can conclude that the person himself is more responsible for the state of his body. Of course, on such a factor as heredity, a tangible effect is impossible, but to reduce the burden on the body from the consequences of bad ecology and by changing the way of life, one can improve the state of health.

So, 15 simple and effective ways to improve health and quality of life:

1. Healthy sleep.

Most of us experience a constant lack of sleep – in the evening after work there is always a lot of urgent cases, and in the morning you must jump up and run to the office. Sleep is reduced to a minimum, allowing at least somehow to live a day without “disconnecting”. Teach yourself to fall asleep and wake up at the same time and try to follow this schedule. Remember that only a well-rested organism can function fully. It is advisable to lie down until midnight – it is physiological, than to sleep from three in the morning to twelve.

2. Physical activity.

Every day an adult must pass at least ten kilometers – as much is necessary for the normal operation of the spine, which receives food only while driving. Not to mention other organs and systems to which your activity is vital. In addition to the fact that walking at a moderately fast pace is an ideal way to burn fats, this movement also perfectly trains your heart, blood vessels and overall endurance. Use your lunch break to walk along the street. Try not to use transport where possible – leave a couple of stops earlier and walk, park the car a couple of blocks to the destination and pass the remaining path. Use every opportunity for movement.
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3. Creative realization and comfort.

This means that your work should not only disclose your internal potential, but also like you, be in a convenient place, you should be satisfied with your environment, office, desktop. A happy man wakes up in the morning with joy because he has to do his favorite work all day. Stress at work, where we spend most of our time – the strongest provoker of a variety of diseases.

You do not like the job? Look for yourself! Take tests for career guidance, think about what kind of employment you like, look for successful examples – many people have made their hobby a profession and get good money for it. If you can not do anything, at least devote your free time to something that really pleases you and allows you to reveal yourself to your talents and abilities.

4. Quiet environment of the house.

My home is my castle. This expression is not invented in vain. In order to maintain a healthy nervous system, a person should be comfortable at home. If you do not want to go home in the evening, with dislike think about the need to communicate with the household – you need to change something!
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Work on relationships. If you have a problem in your family life, it may be worthwhile to turn to a psychologist or simply to talk heart to heart with your loved one. Expressing your emotions and feelings is important, as the accumulation of experiences leads to a variety of diseases.

If you can not make your home a safe haven, look for this harbor in something else – perhaps in a favorite business or close friends. You should have a corner where you can always come and at least just be at rest for a while. Ideally – to communicate with someone who understands you or just listens.

5. Correct reaction to stress.

During stress, neuro-humoral mechanisms are included, in particular, there is an uncontrolled release of adrenaline and other biologically active substances into the blood, which in turn causes vasospasm, and as a consequence, worsening of the blood supply of all organs. That is, not being able to cope with stress, you can get a variety of diseases – from the defeat of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract to cardiovascular problems.

If the “shock” fell on you, inhale deeply and breathe for a while, focusing on the inspiration and exhalation. Move – it relieves the nervous system. Read yourself a poem, a prayer or sing a song – it is important to switch from a stressful situation. To do this, you can also communicate with others on abstract topics.

6. Body and environment hygiene.

We will not describe in detail the benefits of a contrast shower, daily hygiene procedures, the use of natural materials in the office and at home. Just do not forget that our body is exactly that vessel in which our “I” will live as much as this body will allow. Therefore, it makes sense to take care of it accordingly. As well as what surrounds it – about the air in your home, about the products on your table, about the clothes that you and your children wear.Quit Smoking

7. No bad habits.

Smoking, alcoholism, drugs are extremely detrimental to health – you know this very well. It remains only to quit smoking and not get carried away by alcohol and stimulants. Remember that only three years after smoking the last cigarette you leave the risk group for cardiovascular diseases. It makes sense to quit smoking as soon as possible! As for alcohol, keep track of how much you drink each week. And if you understand that it’s hard to cope on your own – do not hesitate to ask for help. This also applies to drugs.

8. Concern for immunity.

Choose yourself how you want to maintain your immunity. These can be hardening, contrast showers, the use of raw vegetables and fruits, sports. It is important to understand that tempering against an unhealthy lifestyle is a waste of time. This requires a comprehensive approach.

9. Rational nutrition.

Everyone understands by this term something special. In general, physicians consider rational nutrition such that the body receives all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients in balanced proportions. Usually it is 50% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 30% fat, but in different theories these figures are different. The bottom line is that the basis of such nutrition should be the “right” carbohydrates (cereals, cereal bread, not sandwiches and cakes), fatty proteins and useful vegetable oils. In a proper diet at least half of the plate at each meal is taken by fresh vegetables or fruits, greens.

There are no dyes and preservatives, stabilizers and other harmful substances. And, of course, such a diet implies the receipt of 1.5 liters of clean water a day. beauty food bible

10. Healthy family traditions.

Enter a new “family” rule: do not lie on a sofa or sit at a computer in your free time, and to walk in nature, ride a bike, spend leisure actively – go to the sea or at least walk in the park, swim in the pool and open water, use any opportunity for outdoor activities. Thank you will be strong health – your and your children.

11. Sauna or bath.

As they say in a healthy body, a healthy spirit. The bath will drive out of your body not only illnesses, fatigue, excess weight, but also any despondency. You can go to the sauna yourself, with your loved one or with the whole company, the main thing is that you feel comfortable. Never drink in a sauna or after alcohol, alcohol dulls feelings, disrupts thermoregulation and creates an increased strain on the heart.

12.Charging for the brain.

Many things we do on automatically. Try to dress with your eyes closed, drink a cup of coffee holding it in your left hand. This will cause the cortex of the opposite side of the brain to perform unfamiliar work, honing the memory and expanding the intellect. If this is too much for you, then read books regularly, better classics, or solve crosswords. Forcing the brain to actively work, a person not only keeps a light head, but also activates the heart, circulatory system and metabolism.

13. Go for a massage.

A quick and effective way to relieve stress and completely relax – go for a general massage, best with aromatherapy. If there is no time for a full course, in an emergency, you need to do at least one session with a good masseur. In the body and in thought immediately there will be an unusual lightness, and the effect should suffice for several days.

14. Learn the aromatherapy.

With the help of aromatherapy you can cheer up, get rid of headaches and infectious diseases, cause positive emotions or memories, create an atmosphere. Aromas balances life processes in the body, increases immunity, improves blood circulation and eliminates metabolic products.

15. Laugh every day.

Who says that life is a serious thing? Laughter reduces stress hormones and helps to relax the muscles. It helps to breathe deeper, strengthens the immune system, helps to forget about pain and reduces blood pressure. As they say, laughter is the best medicine.
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