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15 Tips For Those Who Want To Try Paleo Diet

1. Get rid of unnecessary products. Before you start eating on the paleo system, get rid of all the unnecessary foods that are left in your refrigerator or in the pantry. So you deprive yourself of the opportunity to break the rules, in case you have not yet fully adapted to the diet.

2. Eat without restrictions! This may seem illogical, because from everywhere we hear directly opposite advice. However, any restriction or prohibition generates a powerful internal protest and a great desire to violate these rules.

Trust in the body. When bans are lifted, food loses its extra importance in our minds, and the body itself understands what and how much it needs. The most important thing is to learn to listen to your body, trust it. Not limitations are important, but discipline.

Caloric value. Paleo Diet is characterized by moderate calorie content of foods, so it allows you to eat in sufficient volume without gaining extra pounds. At the same time, there is no need for constant snacks, from perpetual malnutrition while adhering to rigid diets.
15 Tips For Those Who Want To Try Paleo Diet

3. The first two weeks are the most difficult. You may not feel very well, because your body only adapts to changes in the diet. You can also be overcome by a great desire to eat something from the forbidden set of products, and this is natural, because every person gets used to a certain pace and rhythm of life. At the beginning of the road, you can afford infrequent deviations from the principles of the paleo.
At the end of two weeks you will become much better and will no longer want to return to the old way of life!

4. If you are a beginner, prepare in advance.
Develop a preliminary meal plan, and in accordance with it, stock up on the products necessary for the Paleo Diets. At first, this tactic will save you from having to rack your brains about the everyday menu.

Focus on purchasing the most laborious in cooking food – meat, fish, vegetables. If necessary, you can always prepare something in advance, and do not worry about what exactly you will have to eat when you return from work.

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5. Once a week, find the time for a large-scale purchase of all necessary products.

6. Chop and store in the refrigerator vegetables, of which within a week you can quickly make different versions of the side dishes.

7. Always keep ready-to-use ingredients, such as boiled eggs, smoked salmon and chicken salad.
15 Tips For Those Who Want To Try Paleo Diet
8. Cook broth regularly. Use them as a basis for soups, stews or drink directly from the cup. The broth is useful for strengthening the immune system and restoring strength.

9. Read the labels! Learn to understand what is written on them.

10. Do not make sharp movements – go to the paleo diet gradually (however, as to any other).

11. Once a week, enter into your menu new recipes. There are many products from which unusual and delicious combinations are born. Perhaps you will try some of them for the first time.

12. Remains of dinner can always go to breakfast!

13. One of the most difficult things in observing the paleo-diet is a strong social pressure. This is perhaps the most difficult moment for followers of any diets, not just the paleo. Wherever you go, you will be tempted by inappropriate food. When ordering food in a restaurant or cafe, try, as far as possible, to observe the principles of paleo.
Or practice this option: before you go to a party, how should you refresh yourself at home.

14. Buy, or cook yourself ghee ghee (Ghee), infused with garlic. It has long been used in Ayurveda cuisine instead of butter and is suitable for the preparation of Paleo dishes for extinguishing, prolonged frying; ghee oil can be eaten little by little every day with ordinary food – it promotes good digestion and prevents constipation.

15. Do not forget about the full sleep, walks in the fresh air and physical exercises.

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