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2 Rules That Will Change Your Privacy Forever

Throw away all the books about tasty and healthy sex.
To hell with advice on how to fuck a boy or get married.
There are only two rules in the sexual life that really work. They are suitable for both men and women. And those who do not know them are doomed to waste time and nerves on unsuitable people.

Rule one. The relationship should be easy

It should be easy from the very beginning. From the first minutes. A person with whom you immediately feel like old acquaintances, suits you more than you need to croon for years. A guy with whom you are ready to retire in the mall’s closet in fifteen minutes is better than someone to whom you wrote letters seven years without an answer.

A girl who immediately shows interest to you, is better than an unapproachable beauty, which must be taken to the Bahamas.

Simply means good. Difficult – it means bad. This is an axiom. Do not prove it.

In general, nothing to prove in their relations at their own expense. There is no need to seek anyone, to adjust to anyone and run after anyone. Once you do this, you will do it every day, and in response to see only a moody unhappy muzzle.

If it did not work out right away, it did not catch fire, did not smoke – do not pull the cat by the tail. So it’s not your man. Complicated relationships are only suitable for those who are bored and who have a lot of free time. To all the rest, these sufferings only spoil the nerves.

Do not take out complicated relationships on yourself. Relations in which you only do, that you dance to someone’s pipe, are humiliating. Sooner or later the limit of your patience will run out. Do not let yourself be dragged into a complex relationship.

The second rule, but this is no less important. Relationships should bring joy

This statement does not need proof either. Once the relationship has ceased to bring joy, and began to bring muck, stop this phenomenon on the vine.

Do not get used to disassembling, tearing and battering dishes. Leave long conversations, reproaches, mutual accusations. This not normal! This is the way to hell! Just from the relationship of joy goes away – they become useless. It would seem, much easier.

But after all many people chew for years zhivannoe-perezhovannoe a hay of the insults! They occupy their brains with unnecessary disassembly! Do not do this! Once you understand that your words take away joy – close your mouth.

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Disassembly begins – go away. A person wants only to blame and blame – do not let me put you in a guilty mood. Leave!

Relationships are needed for joy. All other relationships “for the sake of children”, “because everyone lives like that”, “out of habit”, “because without it it’s worse” can simply be taken to the trash.

For me, there are only two main rules. Do you agree with them?

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