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20 Tips for Organizing Proper Healthy Nutrition

The phrase “healthy food” in everyday life is quite common. Dozens of tips and titles of the right products come to us from TV shows and online advertising, culinary shows in vain offer recipes that will certainly help to part with extra pounds. The information received is enormous. Unfortunately, only a few facts are delayed in the brain. It is possible that the following reminder will correct the situation. So, the basic rules of a healthy diet.

20 Tips for Organizing Proper Healthy Nutrition

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1. Never take your time with food. To recognize whether you have enough or not, your brain knows only after 20 minutes. Do not eat all, put off the fork and wait for a feeling of fullness.

2. Try to buy smaller plates. People say that it helps.

3. Be sure to have breakfast, but try not to get involved in dry breakfast. The procedure for their preparation has already killed all the useful substances in them.

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4. Remember! White and yeast bread is harmful.

5. Going to buy a popular and in your opinion a very delicious product, think about how many scientists worked on his birth, generously providing salt, sugar, fat and dyes. Switch your attention from the counter to the vegetable patch.
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6. Do not eat boredom or offense. All this will pass, and the kilograms thus purchased will not.

7. Study the culinary traditions of the world’s cuisines. Anyway, it will be better than modern fast food.

8. Put the plate in front of you must have a bright appearance. Multicolored fruits and vegetables will provide a comprehensive supply of all the necessary components.

9. When you come to the supermarket, do not forget that the sale of goods is organized so that you can get as much expensive and frozen food as possible into your basket.

10. If you are interested in the composition of the product and you are tired of reading his list, then there is no doubt that dyes, thickeners, flavors do not need your body.

11. If in addition to the list of ingredients you see hard-to-read words, put this product where it came from. Hardly next to your home cans of salt and pepper are jars with similar names.

12. Eat food that the bacteria have already tried. Do not worry, this is soy sauce, yogurt, kefir, cheeses.

13. Do not be afraid of fat. Fatty patties from the stall in the street and fatty fish, with a rich content of omega 3, are completely different things.

14. Eliminate the purchase of long-term storage products. It is clear, in order to preserve its edible qualities, it is simply stuffed with preservatives. This affects its nutritional value. But honey can be stored for years.

15. Do not hunt for low-fat foods. The carbohydrates that enter into them also contribute to the accumulation of excess weight, besides such products are very sacharides. As a result, the caloric content of fat-free curds may be greater than its “fat” brother.

16. Review your attitude to meat broths. Digested in animal fat increases the level of cholesterol. Replace it with vegetable broth.

17. Forget about snacks. Especially on the streets. You will not quench your hunger, but spend money. And the digestive system will not be so happy with this amount of harmful fat and concentrates.
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18. Try to eat in companies. It is believed that in this case the process of thoughtless stuffing of the stomach is limited to certain rituals.
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19. Do not get hung up on restrictions. Nobody forbids to organize in the diet of incentive days. Constant restrictions will adversely affect the psychological state and add health problems.

20. From time to time arrange for yourself unloading days. Do you have a weekend, vacation? So why not make your stomach happy with a day off?

Make these rules in the form of a memo and hang in a prominent place. If every day at least one of your attention will be awarded, it is already a victory.
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What you need to know about proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition is what it is, nothing more than a balanced diet that permanently excludes from the diet products such as fast food, French fries, chips, various sauces, pizza and other unhealthy foods. Undoubtedly, proper nutrition is a diet that is observed all the time and should become a way of life.

This, of course, leads to a normal weight, relieves many of the problems associated with gastrointestinal tract and other ailments. What do you need to know for those who have firmly decided to review their eating behavior?


More than 50% of our body is water. The use of the necessary amount of fluid every day is an integral part of existence! It is necessary in order to replenish the natural daily physiology of fluid loss. Its lack carries with it not the best consequences: the metabolism is slowed down, the oxygen balance in the body is disturbed.
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The liquid is not only absorbed by drinking water. Its content is also found in many fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products. The consumption of water in pure form should be 1.5 – 2 liters daily.


The content of salt in your diet should be reduced to a figure close to the norm. Specialists in our time talk about 10 grams of sodium chloride per day maximum. The fact is that salt retains fluid in the body, reduces the production of thyroid hormones, stimulates appetite. But a complete rejection of salt is simply incompatible with life!Keto Diet Programs


The use of sugar is also worth reducing to a minimum. The fact is that this is essentially “Empty calories” with extremely low nutritional value. It is better to replace it with honey.


On the day there should be about six meals with an interval of 2.5 hours. Such a regime will help significantly speed up the metabolism. Carbohydrates should be saturated only in the first half of the day, and in the evening give preference to protein foods. Morning should start with a glass of clean water and only an hour later you can start breakfast. And the last meal should be no later than 3 to 4 hours before bedtime.

Cooking food

A very important point. You need to forget about fried foods and give preference to cooking products for steaming, cooking or quenching. Macaroni should be only from wholemeal. Vegetables, greens and fruits are used fresh, or with minimal heat treatment.

It is recommended to refuse or minimize meat consumption.

Prohibited products

Sausages, sausages, canned goods, crackers, chips, broth cubes, dried / dried fish, beer, carbonated drinks, mayonnaise, pastries, pasta, biscuits, instant noodles, coffee.

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