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20 Wise Life Advice From People Over 60

Short, but important life advice, from an elderly person who knows life. It is worth listening, because at this age all the husks of insignificant falls away and there is only understanding of what is really important.

But you really should not forget about this!

People always say, “A good job is one that you enjoy every day.” This is an INSANE STATEMENT. A good job is a job that you can tolerate most working days, and it covers all of your expenses. Almost no one has a job that can be adored every second.

Years pass in the twinkling of an eye. Do not marry young. Live life to the fullest. TRAVEL. Take action. It does not matter if you have money or not. Collect the bag and go where you can afford. While you do not have children, do not spend money on things. On any thing. Look at the world. Poke at the point on the map. And forward!

Do not take everything too seriously. Even if at some moments life seems hopeless and hopeless, try to laugh at all this “zh-oh” and over how you are so ugorazdilo.
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A friend is someone who comes to the rescue, even if you call him at two in the morning. The rest are just acquaintances.

The most important person in your life is a person who agrees to share his life with you. Consider it like this.

You will not notice how your children grow up. So spend as much time with them as possible.

No one has died with regret that he has worked little in his life. Be hardworking, but do not put work above the family, friends and, in the end, yourself!

You can live a long life, and maybe a short one – no one knows. But anyway, you need to take care of your health in your youth.

If you are tired of your life, just stop, think about the present moment, enjoy everything that is beautiful and really important. Take a deep breath, relax. And understand that everything is relative.

Eat and exercise as if you are a diabetic with a sick heart, so you will never become a diabetic.

We only have one life. Do not wake up somehow with the realization that you are already 60 and you have not realized anything that dreamed all your life.

Perhaps this is not such a deep advice as others, but still: brush your teeth regularly, dental problems – it’s terrible.

Do not follow all the advice as biblical covenants. You can ask advice from someone you respect, then weigh again your situation and take your own decision.

Things are just things. Do not hold onto material objects, hold onto time and events.

Damages that you received today, will let you know about yourself in old age. Even if you think that you have completely healed them. BELIEVE!
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Appreciate every moment and every little thing. In my youth, I always want everything at once. But why not appreciate every little moment? We are not forever on this planet, and the greatest pleasure that we can afford is to enjoy every moment. Instead of typing messages, pick up the phone and talk live with the person. Visit your mother, absolutely for no reason, just like that. Soak up every moment.

Pay all your bills and stay away from debts.

Jealousy destroys the relationship. Trust your second half. If not to her, then who can be trusted at all?

If you have an impossible dream, you still should at least try to get closer to its implementation. As with age, it will become even more impracticable.

When you meet someone for the first time, understand that you DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING about this person. You see his nationality, sex, age, clothing. Forget all this. You do not know anything. Those stereotypes that pop into your head due to the fact that our brain likes to break everything into categories, limit your life.

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