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35 Tips For Clothing Care and Storage

We all want to look good and dress stylishly. In many respects it depends on the clothes that we buy and wear. But if we erase, iron or store clothes incorrectly, it becomes useless. If you want clothes to serve you more than one season, learn how to take care of them. In this article we collected 35 tips for the care and storage of clothing and accessories, including fur and leather products.

35 Tips For Clothing Care and Storage

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1. First of all, do not hide clothes and linen in the closet, let alone for seasonal storage, until you make sure that things are washed, cleaned or processed accordingly. Otherwise, you risk ruining not only this thing, but your entire wardrobe. After stale clothes lose strength, smolder and, most importantly, get an unpleasant smell immediately spreading to all other things. In addition, this smell is “delicate” for moths, ants and other insects.

2. Suits, coats, jackets, coats, hang on the “shoulders.”

3. Sweaters, knitwear suits pack in cellophane bags and stack on shelves.

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4. Light things can turn yellow if you do not cover them with covers.

5. On the used clothes sooner or later there is a shine and greasiness. These untidy spots will disappear if you rub them with cut raw potato or ammonia. Also the gloss and greasiness will disappear if you rub them with clean gasoline, and then cover with a thin layer of dry fine salt and rub with a sponge. At the end, shake off the salt and clean the place with a stiff brush.

6. Minty, shiny pants hang for 2-3 hours on the street, when there is fog or light drizzle. They will almost become new.

7. Shine from the iron on the dark clothes can be removed by steaming it with the help of strong tea.

8. The stretched cuffs at the sweater or sweater can be put in order, tightly tying them and letting go into very hot water.

9. Knitted things are stretched, if you hang them on “hangers”. It’s best to fold them neatly into cellophane bags.

10. Gently shake the outer clothing after rain or snow and hang on the “hangers”.

11. Put an old, worn suit on a piece of clean cloth, and cover it with the same piece. Eat it with a solution of ammonia (for one liter of water – two tablespoons), evenly passing on the nap in one direction with a wet brush. Wet the wet suit on the hanger and clean with a dry brush, against the pile. The costume will refresh appreciably.

12. A light wool suit will be refreshed if you evenly rub it with an ordinary ink (red) rubber band – from the collar to the pockets and floors – and then brush it with a stiff brush.
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13. If you have worn a thing for a long time, before cleaning it, clean it with a brush moistened with a light solution of ammonia.

14. Corduroy items should not be washed, but only cleaned with a brush moistened with a light detergent solution and then with clean water. Turn the corduroy when it is wet and, only on the wrong side, laying something soft underneath.

15. Velvet, like velveteen, loses its color and appearance after washing. Therefore, after brushing it with dust, wipe it with a piece of gasoline, dry it, wipe it again with a rag with gasoline, dry it, wipe it again with a cloth soaked in denatured alcohol. Then hold the thing over the steam, dry it and clean it with a hard brush against the nap.

16. Silk dress before ironing, for half an hour, wrap in a damp cloth for even moisturizing.

Tips for caring for clothes made of leather:

17. Leather products wipe with whipped egg whites, and they will get a fresh look.

18. If abrasions appear on the leather jacket, you should periodically wipe them with glycerin.

19. Leather gloves will become elastic if you wipe them with water and vinegar.

20. Remove the suede gloves with a solution of ammonia (1: 4), then wipe with clean water, softened with vinegar.

21. If leather gloves moult from the wrong side, pour in a little talcum and rub it in, and then shake out the remainder.

22. In wrinkled and hardened leather gloves, rub castor oil. Soon they will become shiny and elastic.
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23. To clean the product from the dark skin, wrap in a piece of wool or flannel slightly moist coffee grounds and wipe the product.

24. If the new leather gloves are slightly small, wrap them for several hours in a damp cloth, then dry them, putting them on your hands.
Tips just in case:

25. Metal ornaments will not leave dark spots on clothes if they are periodically painted over, on the back, with a colorless nail polish.

26. The downed loop on the stocking or pantyhose will not go any further, if you rub it with soap or moisten with sun-dried water, or drop a drop of hairspray.

27. You will light up the faded kapron tights if you lower them into a strong solution of potassium permanganate.

28. Do not iron wrinkled ties. Better wrap them around a jar of hot water.

29. Knitted clothing will not shed, if before washing it soak it in cold water with vinegar.

30. Jeans can not be set for months, because when washing jeans can lose its color and shape. To get rid of the unpleasant smell, you can hang jeans in the bathroom above the steam. If you still decide to wash your jeans, then turn them inside out.

31. Delicate lace cuffs toads often break when washed. So put them with a soapy solution, tightly clog and shake vigorously for a few minutes. Then, without pressing, hang it to dry.

32. To prevent the wooden buttons from becoming wet and darkened, wrap them with foil or food wrap before washing them.

33. Embroidery, appliques, thin laces always iron from the wrong side.

34. Never wash a swimsuit in a washing machine or hot water, it can lose its shape and elasticity.

35. Wash the underwear by hand, otherwise the washing machine can damage the delicate fabrics. After washing, put the laundry on a terry towel to drain it.

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