4 Important Things You Should Teach Your Child

4 Important Things You Should Teach Your Child

4 Important Things You Should Teach Your ChildReading this material, we must remember that by teaching others, we teach, above all, ourselves. To give an example is to take on a little more responsibility initially and to come to something good, not just one, but with another person. Especially great if this person is your child. So what is it worth to teach yourself and your baby?

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1. Do not be afraid to tell the truth.

Needless to say, children almost completely copy the behavior of their parents. If you come up with stories about unexpectedly coming relatives in front of your child, because of which you can not come to a business meeting, then do not be surprised that the child will do the same. This seems quite harmless, but children tend to transfer this pattern of behavior to their relationships with their parents. That proverb about the pit for another – a visual dramatization of the above. Psychologists advise: “Behave so that children can see that the truth is always the best solution.”

2. Good manners

Doctor of Education Marie Hartwell-Walker argues that good manners develop in the child empathy. The ability to empathize with another appears when parents pay attention to communication with the child and explain that they need to communicate with others the way we would like them to communicate with us.

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3. Opportunities to make a healthy choice

Preparing the right and healthy food is possible not every family, which generally thinks about the quality of their food. “I do not have time,” “The husband refuses to eat it, but I can not cook separately for everyone” – only a few of the most popular reasons why fried wings with potatoes appear on the table more often than salads from fresh vegetables and soups.

But you can enter some useful habits in this situation. Put on the table fruits and nuts instead of cookies and sweets – snacks will be much more useful. Buy beautiful colorful vegetables and prepare something together with the child in a playful form – such food will be eaten with a greater appetite and will be perceived as something positive.

4 Important Things You Should Teach Your Child
However, the doctor of psychological sciences Lisa Hinz advises not to put shortcuts on food “bad” and “good”, otherwise “bad” food will be wanted more and more. “Talk about food as more nutritious to the body,” says Dr. Hinz, “and less nutritious. The first we use more often, the second – less often

4. Express gratitude

If your child is happy to grow in the abundance of toys, beautiful clothes, gadgets and other joys of modern life, then special attention should be paid to the development of a sense of gratitude in it. Do not shift the emphasis only on material wealth – talk about how good it is that there are grandparents, sisters and brothers or friends. Express gratitude yourself – and the child will certainly feel what it really means.

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