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5 Easy Things You Must Not Do Before And After Your Workout

So, you decided to tackle your body this year. I bought a form, a subscription to the gym, even you go regularly.
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And like everything you do right, but the sense of special is not. Or is, but he does not suit you. The reason may be in your laziness, where without it? But it is likely that the matter is in the mistakes that you make before and after training.

Focusing on the experience of professional fitness trainers, we compiled a list of the most frequent of them.

1. You drink too much water

Three liters of water a day – just fine, if you are a professional runner, and for you your result is crucial. But three liters of water a day, when you are doing jogging, aerobics or ordinary cardio training, a hell of a lot.

If we take into account the fact that we receive liquid from other sources (fruits, vegetables, coffee), then it is better not to consume too much water. In addition, few people justify with their efforts even 1 liter of water in the gyms.

However, if you are doing hard, then drink a glass or two even during training is necessary.

2. You go to the gym hungry

If you come to training hungry, you can get an unpleasant headache, dizziness and fatigue even before you start to practice.

And this is wrong, but it’s not worth it to arrange a bumper. It is better to manage one banana and a handful of almonds. Banana will serve as fuel for the body because of its easily digestible carbohydrates, and raw almonds will give some protein.

Similar it is better to have a bite for 30-60 minutes before work with simulators.

3. You drink isotonic

Many drink them, thinking that thanks to isotonics, the body will recover better after the load. There are a lot of nuances.

For example, Robert Rogbergs, a renowned sports physiologist, believes that the reception of such drinks is justified only when a person continuously engages in over 90 minutes.

But the research of the Australian Institute of Sports showed that the intake of salt in the body during exercise can cause serious problems with the digestive system.

4. You do not listen to your body

When you lead an erratic lifestyle, you drink a lot or work a lot, then the connection with your body is lost. We can not understand what it wants from us and when to stop.

And it’s difficult at all to figure out what your limits are in training. But one way or another you need to force yourself to listen to the limbs, muscles, lungs, heart. If your body screams to you that you need to stop, do not torture him and stop, try to make a breather.

Do not force yourself, it does not lead to good results.

5. You immediately start to swing

In general, if you do not warm up before vigorous training, then you kill your potential result, and we do not want that, right?

If you do not have time for warm-up, then just use your walk to the fitness center as an opportunity to stretch your legs: go faster, make extra attacks, etc.

Near the end of the training session, you also need to perform light cardio exercises.

And do not forget that after all that you did in the gym, you have to find a place and time where you can relax and eat your post-training food.

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