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5 Qualities Of A Popular Man – Improve Your Male Status

The eternal question of “what do women want?” After several unsuccessful attempts to find an answer, grows into a cry of the soul: “what else do they need?”. You also paid attention, and cared, and listened, and was indulgent to her whims, and the result – another farewell and your brain, pierced in the sieve by its claims and discontent.

5 Qualities Of A Popular Man – Improve Your Male Status

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I’ll tell you a secret – women themselves do not know what they want. More precisely, what they really need is a relationship. And what qualities of a man will help her to really love and appreciate her chosen one. The qualities that make a man desirable and attractive for any woman are only five, but, unfortunately, few of them have them. That was bad news. And now good – if you want, you can easily develop these qualities.

So, 5 super qualities to enslave women’s hearts:

1. Self-sufficiency.

This is the most important quality of a successful man. In simple words, you should not be bored with yourself. At the domestic level – you always have something to do, you do not sweat, if your girlfriend is not around. On the global – your life will not end and the sky will not collapse to the ground, if you part with your girlfriend.

If you are not self-sufficient, you will constantly beg her attention, and this quickly and reliably leads to a skewed balance of significance. Of course, if you are a masochist or you want a girl to get out as quickly as possible, that without it you are bored, empty, and the world is dark. But, if the goal is to build a harmonious relationship, however paradoxical it may sound, learn to be alone.

How to apply:

Become your best friend. It’s important that you feel comfortable alone, and you knew what to do. Start with small things – surround yourself with interesting activities, start a project. And gradually from these supports in the form of a hobby, sport, interesting work, friends, you will create a frame that will make you resistant to problems in your personal life. And even if you and the girl parted – it means that your story is over, and not your life. Women feel it and are secretly afraid of losing such a man.
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2. Ability to evoke emotions.

For the average man, who has been taught from childhood to hide his feelings – this is a real superpower. Managing emotions is a very delicate thing. But, if you learn this, you will be out of competition.

When a girl lives with you strong feelings, it makes your relationship vivid and very valuable, because the emotional side of communication for a woman is extremely important. And the girl will aspire to you to get her dose of drive. Here the principle “not you, so you” still operates. If you are not in charge of emotions in a couple, this will be done by the girl, manipulating you and changing your mood at your own will. If you do not want to live according to her emotional outbursts, take control of the feelings in your own hands.

How to apply:

The ability to evoke emotion is in fact the ability to convey one’s emotions to another. You must learn how to broadcast your mood to a girl. And in order to convey your mood, you need to be able to express it. The problem is that most of the peasants believe that emotions are for girls and somehow not in a man’s way.

But we are not talking about tears, although negative emotions are sometimes to the point. The skill to cause joy, a sense of happiness, well-being, peace of mind by conveying your emotions in a relationship is necessary. First try to get rid of the eternal feyspalma and feel free to be emotional. Only through the ability to express emotions can one learn how to evoke these emotions from another person.

3. Be interesting.

So historically we have developed that the overwhelming majority of men are boring. They can have an interesting life, but it’s delicious to talk about it, very few people can. Although, as a rule, a full set opens before a woman – and the dude is dull, and there’s nothing to tell him. But the rich life or at least your ability to imagine it like that, causes the desire of the girls to make you a company and join your world.

How to apply:

The first thing you need to learn is to build life so that the girl wants to be a part of your life. And, do not try to guess what will be interesting for girls. Do what you like yourself. Embroider with a cross. If you get pleasure from it and burn, the girls will get infected with your drive (by the way, another life hack for points 1 and 2) and reach for you.
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4. Awareness.

You know what you want from a relationship and you can explain it. And in the arsenal of your arguments, the main thing is not “I said so”, but the real reasons why you want some changes, why it’s important and productive for both of you. Not because it should be so, but because it is important for one reason or another. This will give the woman a feeling that you are not afraid to take responsibility, and at the same time take her point of view seriously and respectfully.

How to do it:

In order for you to feel confident, you must manage your own life and know what you want. Here, first of all, we must understand our plans for life. Then you will know exactly what you need in the relationship, how to develop them and what to report to the girl. But the main thing is not to bend the stick. Understanding the course is not dictate. Learn to discuss problems and hear the other person’s point of view. Then the relationship with a woman will become more trusting and strong.

5. You understand women.

And this is not a level skill, but it’s quite an achievable skill. It is clear that if you are more or less oriented in female psychology, to predict the behavior of a girl and direct him to the right direction will be quite simple. And her pouting lips or suddenly depressed mood will not blow your brain. In addition, understanding women’s psychology will protect you from female manipulation, which you will begin to see even on the approach.
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How to apply:

You can understand women only by communicating with them. It does not matter if you have a girlfriend or not, maintain friendly relations with other girls, flirt, talk. Firstly, gradually you will begin to distinguish certain models of female behavior and learn how to anticipate a reaction. Women will become more predictable for you, and therefore manageable. And, secondly, the presence in your field of other girls will make you more attractive to your beloved. After all, when you like many women, your girlfriend will never miss such a popular guy.

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