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5 Things You Need To Do Before Starting A New Relationship

Are you sure that you are unworthy of those people who really like you? Here are a few steps that you should take, before starting a new relationship.

People who are really happy in a relationship tend to work on themselves and their self-development. Instead of starting to change a partner, they first of all change themselves, their views and interests, expand their horizons.

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In order to be able to choose the right partner and get a really serious, close and lasting relationship, you need to do just a few things.

1. Understand and accept yourself

Until you learn and understand yourself, no one can make you happy. Often, especially for women, we build futile hopes, expecting other actions and actions pleasant to us. We do not understand why people do not understand us and do not see our emotions. We are upset that our feelings are not understood and accepted.

In fact, we can not be understood unless we ourselves know what we want and what we feel. Only when you understand what kind of relationship you are striving for and how you feel when you do this, you will be able to communicate this to your partner.

This applies to sex. Only when you understand what you are looking for in a sexual way, that you are interested and happy, you can bring it to the person who is near you.

Do not wait for someone to read your thoughts, speak and concretize.

2. Listen to what they say to you

When we want to believe that we have found the ideal partner, we stop noticing its shortcomings. Even if this person does not respect you, your time, your relationship and your feelings, you will not pay attention to it, because you are in love.

In fact, it is always necessary to assess the situation soberly and to pay attention to the words that are being told to us. If a person allows himself to be disrespectful to you in the early stages of a relationship, it is not your person. If a person restricts his space too much, emphasizes that he is not looking for a serious relationship, trust him, he really does not need anything serious from you.

If you do not want to dedicate your life by altering and changing a partner against his will, release him. And keep working on yourself. Believe me, it’s easier to change yourself than others. And these efforts are worth it to accomplish.

3. Sex is not important in relationships

Sexual life is important for relationships. However, if there is nothing in the relationship, except for sex, they will not become strong. If you hope that the mere presence of good sex will ultimately lead your couple to peace of mind and long-term relationships, this is not entirely true. More precisely, it is not so in most cases.


Scientifically confirmed that those relationships that begin with sex, as a rule, do not lead to anything further. And even if you try to “play” in a real couple, hoping that over time your partner will understand how good you are, it is easier and better for you to find the person with whom you will be primarily associated with warm and intimate feelings. And make an effort to create a truly strong and loving couple.

4. Become independent

Try to become independent psychologically, stop depending on the opinions and expectations of others. Especially it concerns your parents. This does not mean that you need to break off relations with them momentarily and stop communicating. This means that you must realize that you are living your own life. And your desires, and the ideas about your life can differ significantly from how other people see it. Learn to make your own decisions, learn how to be self-sufficient financially. This will not only help you understand what you want, but also increase your self-esteem.

Realize your goals, needs and emotions, and you will certainly be able to find the person you need.

5. Strive for new

Many believe that in order to find the right partner, you only need to change yourself. However, continuing to be in the same situation, seeing the same people, doing the same things, you are more likely to become depressed than to find new relationships.
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Think, maybe there is something that you have long wanted to do, but did not dare? Workout? Jump with a parachute? Change work? To go to an art studio? Do it. Perhaps it is there, engaging in an interesting and new business for you, you will meet your mate.

In addition, new situations allow us to learn better ourselves, to get unforgettable sensations and new acquaintances.

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