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5 Tips to Start a Conversation with a Woman

How many times have we encountered an incredible woman and just let the opportunity pass by not knowing what to do? Many lose the chance to meet a girl because they do not know what to say or how to behave.

Even the most outgoing, from time to time, feel that little cold in the belly and have no reaction. For being such an important moment of achievement, I decided to gather 5 tips that will help you start a conversation with a woman more easily.

After a while, the approach will not seem so challenging to you. And no matter how hot the woman is, you will have complete confidence to talk to her.

Let’s go to the tips:

1. Prepare the ground before approaching

Remember that we communicate not only with the words that come out of our mouth, but also through our body language. You can even use some funny sung to make the woman laugh, but better than a simple sentence decorated will be your posture. If you introduce yourself to the woman with the posture of a chicken, you will not even get a chance to say something interesting.

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5 Tips to Start a Conversation with a Woman


No head bowed, shoulders slumped. After all, you do not want to look like a hunching beggar begging. Begin to observe your posture and evaluate if it is in line with the image you would like to pass. That is, a confident man who goes after what he wants.

Visual contact

Show your interest by looking before you approach the woman. If you pop by surprise by poking the girl in the back, the only thing you can do is scare her. Leave that kind of thing to the amateurs.


The look is extremely powerful. But the look with a smile is the way to success. She does not have to show all the teeth in her mouth, she just smiles mysteriously when she notices his gaze.

Neither 8 nor 80

You should not be begging for attention with little ones or winks. Much less pretend that he did not notice it in place. Demonstrating interest in a discreet way will be the best strategy to prepare the ground for conquest.

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Take initiative and get close to her

Now that you’ve seen that before you even talk to the woman, you should be smart and show her your interest through the smile and the look, it’s time to approach.

Do not wait for her to take initiative because, most of the time, this does not happen. Women expect men to take the initiative because, for them, men of attitude, who go after what they want, are extremely attractive. You must be that man!
5 Tips to Start a Conversation with a Woman

Do not ignore the friends

If the woman is in a group, it is wrong for you to ignore your friends and talk to her alone. Be nice to the whole group as you approach. That way you can turn her friends into your allies in the conquest.

Squeeze her hand firmly

Loose handshake is discouraging. No need to crush the girl’s hand, just show interest through firm, sure handshake. Or sometimes a hug. The level of informality will depend on the situation. There is a physical climb up to the kiss. In the beginning, there are innocent physical contacts that begin to become more intimate throughout the conversation.

Respect the woman’s personal space

It is a bad habit to start the conversation by touching the girl. The touch should come only when it is already comfortable with you. At first, respect her space and nothing to get caught in the hair.

Do not stand in front of her

Your presence will be much more enjoyable for the woman if, instead of standing in front of her, you stand next to her, with your body slightly turned towards her. She will feel much more at ease with you.

Avoid commonplace

“Hi, my name is So-and-so” is not the best way to start a conversation with the woman. You do not have to say your name or anything about yourself. If she has an interest, she will ask. For you to understand better, let’s compare two types of approach: one boring and the other interesting.

Boring approach

One of the most common types of conversation we see around here works something like this:

Common guy: Hi, you’re beautiful …
Woman: Thank you.
Common guy: What’s your name?
Woman: So-and-so.
Common guy: Pleasure, my name is So-and-so. What do you do for a living?
Woman: I’m sorry, but I have to go … I’m in a hurry.

Interesting approach

On the other hand, an interesting approach would work this way:

Man of attitude: (slightly disinterested): Hi, are you from… (somewhere)?
Woman: No. Why?
Man of Attitude: Because I met a girl very much like you when I was in (somewhere) during my last vacation. Coincidentally she wore the same shoes as you. The south is beautiful, right? What do you think of it?
Woman: What a coincidence! Actually, I do not know the South, but it must be really pretty.
Man of attitude: I love it, blah blah blah …

Can you see the difference between the two approaches? Of course this is just an example and you should not follow the same script every time you approach a woman. The important thing is to be creative and to call the woman to the dialogue by asking interesting questions.

Unless the woman asks you, do not talk about yourself all the time. If there is one thing that every man should know to succeed with women, it is this: it is better to listen and observe than to talk too much.
5 Tips to Start a Conversation with a Woman

Ask open-ended questions

You have already prepared the terrain, already approached the woman and already managed to get her to interact with you. Now you need to keep up a good chat. For the conversation to flow and not stay that wake-up, without having anything to say, ask open-ended questions. Notice the difference:

Question closed: Do you know (city)?
Answer: Yes.

Open Question: What do you think about (city)?
Answer: It is an amazing place, blah blah blah …

Question closed: Do you like wine?
Answer: Yes, I do.

Open Question: What kind of wine do you like?
Answer: I do not know much about wine, but blah blah blah …

Using open-ended questions is the key to keeping a good conversation flowing pleasantly while at the same time getting to know the other person better.


Be kind, funny and ironic at the same time.

If you’re just gentle, it will be uninteresting. If it’s just funny, you’ll be a fool. If it’s just ironic, it’ll be annoying. The attitude man is gentle, funny and ironic at the same time. This helps to create sexual tension and so do not get stuck in friend zone.

The line among these 3 factors can often be quite subtle. So here are some examples for you to see how this works.

Context: In the ballad
Gentle Face: You want me to get you a drink?
You run the risk of having the following answer: “No, I ask myself.” It also runs the risk of being the fool who pays the woman’s drink but returns home alone at the end of the night.

Man of attitude: (smiling) Can I suggest a drink or are you closed to new experiences?
Asking this question, the woman has no alternative. Few will say that they are closed to new experiences.

Context: Before the dessert
Funny face: Is it pavé or cumé?
This is the beatiest joke of all time. To make this comment is to sign the stupid attestation.

Man of attitude: Without making the joke of “is pavê or to cumê”, please!
Mentioning the joke and stating she sucks, you’re funny without being an idiot. She will laugh and you can take the opportunity to chat. By the way, this is exactly the strategy I recommend if you want to use something funny without looking childish.

Context: At a bar table, she says that she hit the car
Ironic: That must be why they say that woman drives very well, hahaha!
Aside from being a cliché that all women do not know how to drive well, you will not win the sympathy of any girl calling it hard. Even more in front of everybody.

Man of Attitude: It was the idiot’s fault that hit you, I know, you can talk!
The man of attitude is gentle, ironic and funny in saying that it is not the woman’s fault. She will feel provoked by this comment when she realizes the irony. It’s a great way to get her to defend herself and to prolong the conversation.

Start practicing

Now that you already know how to start conversation with a woman, it’s time to put into practice. At first it may even take a little time for you to master the art of conquest, but after some time it will become easier. Remember that only practice leads to perfection.

You can take the first step now. To meet an interesting girl, you do not have to wait to get stronger or buy a car. A simple change in your attitude will make all the difference. What can you do, even today, to meet the woman of your dreams?

What next?
Knowing exactly what to do to attract and win a woman is a powerful weapon that every man should have.

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