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5 Types Of Tummy And How To Improve Them

Many girls hesitate to put on a bikini, because their body is corrupted by a terrible thing – our tummy.

Most of us think that the best way to get a flat stomach is hundreds of exercises in the gym. But this is not so, says coach and well-known TV presenter James Dugian.
5 Types Of Tummy And How To Improve Them
Dugian is considered one of the best specialists in the world for the formation of a healthy and slender body, and he insists: in such a case as a flat stomach, there are no universal recipes. The thing is that there are five main types of tummy, and each of them requires a special approach.

“Spare wheel”

This type of abdomen is typical primarily for those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and have an emotional attachment to sweets. Fortunately, to understand with such a tummy is simple, you do not even need to torture yourself in the gym: you just have to adjust the diet.

“If you move a little and eat a lot of refined sugar, as well as cookies, white bread, cakes, then it is logical that you will have a big belly with folds. Fat will also be deposited on the legs and hips, “says James.

Quick fix plan

Reduce alcohol consumption.

It’s a real bomb: alcohol is real sugar. Like all excess carbohydrates, alcohol after digestion is immediately deposited in fat tissue at the waist. Many know about “beer” tummies, but you need to know that there is such a thing as “wine waist” – a puffy belly that widens to the bottom. You can drink sometimes, say James, but if you want to always have a flat stomach, then you have to limit yourself in quantity.

– After you at least two weeks to give up alcohol, you need to start rebuilding your diet. No semi-finished products and “low-calorie” snacks. No sugar, salt and preservatives. No flavor enhancers. Only natural, healthy food.

– Make a choice in favor of raw fresh foods: fish, eggs, farm meat, vegetables, nuts, avocados.

– And still have to start moving more. If the gym – it’s definitely not about you, start at least for a long walk in the park or embankment. Then start doing a short exercise in the morning: sit-ups or yoga are great.

The main advice for owners of such a stomach

5 Types Of Tummy And How To Improve Them
The next time you decide to pamper yourself with a piece of cake at the end of a hard day, attach it to your stomach for a couple of seconds. Imagine that now he looks like this!


This type of abdomen is most often found in perfectionists – people who are always few and who always do not have time. Because of stress, such people suffer from the so-called irritable bowel syndrome, which is manifested in frequent bloating.

If you have such a stomach, then the fat in it is concentrated in the navel. This is the first sign that your body produces too much cortisol – a hormone that causes fat to accumulate around the navel – for long storage. A sure sign that you have a “stress-tummy” is when it’s hard, not soft.

Most likely, the reason for the appearance of such a stomach is that you eat irregularly and horrible, and also because you drink too much coffee.

Quick fix plan

– Start early to go to bed. Or later wake up. “Women who always have a bad or little sleep, the process of producing leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite and metabolism, is disrupted. Explains James. “That’s why we overeat during fatigue and crave something sweet for dessert, because it will give us energy.”

– Try the techniques of deep relaxation. Meditations, yoga, hot bath before going to bed – anything, anything, just to make you soothing. And further. Do not drink more than two cups of coffee throughout the day.
5 Types Of Tummy And How To Improve Them
– Do not try to burn yourself while training. “Excessive stresses resulting from cardiovascular work lead to increased production of cortisol. So a heavy sport is not for you. Try something relaxing-walks, for example, “concludes James.

– Drink mineral water. The magnesium contained in it will help you to calm down and relax. If you do not like mineral water, buy dark green leafy vegetables or Brazil nuts.

The main advice for owners of such a stomach

Chamomile tea and yoga will help you relax and lower the level of cortisol. This will allow you to start the process of losing weight.

“Little Dog”

Such a tummy appears in excessively caring mothers or those who are desperate to build a career. It even happens that such a tummy appears in those who excessively exhaust themselves in the gym. The cause in all three cases is the same: an excessive load for the back. This causes the abdominal muscles to “roll out” forward.

Quick fix plan

– The basis for everything is good nutrition. Add fiber: you need to improve the digestive system by all means. Surely you often suffer from bloating, constipation, or other problems associated with his poor performance. Excellent help bread with bran and leafy vegetables.


– Refrain from squats. They only bend your spine even more. Instead, do in the morning several yoga asanas – those in which the emphasis is on maintaining the back muscles.

The main advice for owners of such a stomach
Start thinking about the health of your stomach. Do not let your stomach ache, drink more water, eat easily digestible products: green vegetables, light meat, rich in protein, fish, chicken.


If you have such a tummy, then you have not given birth to a child so long ago. Are the huge fat folds lying on your almost absent belly? Calm down: even the most slender and demanding women to return to their normal size, it takes at least six weeks.

You will need to focus on supporting the muscles in the pelvic region and on the hips.

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James says that the most popular mistake that young moms allow is the desire to run to the gym instantly. The trainer himself recommends taking a pause with this business – for two or three months. The organism needs an adaptation period.

Quick fix plan

– Start to drink fish oil. Start with three capsules a day with meals. If this habit remains with you for life – this is only for the best.

– Try eating “good” fats: nuts, butter and olives. Everyday. They will help burn “bad” fats and absorb vitamins from food more effectively. In addition, they help fight chronic fatigue. “Great help for tired moms,” he says.

– Focus on the muscles in the pelvic region. If they become tight, it will help the stomach to go away faster.

– Do not do squats. If you do not give the abdominal muscles the ability to recover from childbirth, then “earn” stretch marks.

The main advice for owners of such a stomach
Learn to sleep during the day. Use dark curtains. Do a little stretching before bedtime in the evening.

Tummy “cloud”

If you regularly suffer from bloating in the evening, then you have an upset stomach. It is almost always caused by food intolerance or even allergy. If you have this chronic, then you are excessively consistent in the matter of your diet. Diversify it!

Quick fix plan

– Most often, intolerance is with wheat and gluten (bread, pasta, confectionery, pizza, cakes and cereals), alcohol, yeast (beer, cakes, pastries) and milk (cheese, milk, butter). Something from this list makes you belly inflate.

– Try to abandon the products containing gluten, at least for two weeks. By what will happen at this time to happen with your belly, you will understand what might be the matter. If the swelling has passed, then focus on meat, fish, eggs and vegetables.

– Start eating a full breakfast. Bloating is a chimera, haunting people who do not want to eat breakfast, but can not finish dinner. Chew food more thoroughly and drink more water.
5 Types Of Tummy And How To Improve Them
– Swollen abdomen – this is often also the result of an unbalanced microflora of your intestines. Drink more probiotics – kefir, for example. Also, lean on miso soup, sour cream, cabbage, garlic and onions. Once you can cure your intestines, your stomach will go away.

The main advice for owners of such a stomach

Believe it or not, but the best thing you can do for your belly is a breathing exercise. Every morning lie on your back, completely relax and start breathing deeply, but not with your chest, but with your stomach. Do at least ten breaths and ten expirations at a time. And further. Try to take a short walk after eating.

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