Winter Rules Self-care

5 Winter Rules Of Self-care

Follow these little rules of body care in the winter to look good in the spring.

Winter has come, the light day has become shorter, and so it would be desirable after work to get into a warm blanket and not get out of it under any pretext: neither for the sake of taking a child to a circle, nor for cultural leisure, and even more so for the sake of a home session spa. All this can be understood: in the season of feather jackets and warm tights the motivation to take care of oneself is reduced. But, to paraphrase folk wisdom, prepare a sleigh in the summer, and the body – in the winter!
If you do not want to lament in the spring about the “floated” waist, over-dried skin and damaged hair, get in the habit of following these simple winter care rules.

Rule number 1: do a pedicure

If the winter forces on the manicure still suffice with grief in half, then we often forget about the feet, which are safely hidden from prying eyes under two pairs of woolen socks. So it turns out that the feet get deserved care only on the eve of the season of open shoes, when we try to put them in order by emergency methods.

To the legs were always in order, you need to regularly do a pedicure. It is not necessary to spend money on a trip to the beauty salon, it is enough to take care of stops at home: to do baths with sea salt and oils, to lubricate them with cream.

To get rid of cracks on the heels and avoid their reappearance, we recommend once a week to make paraffin masks for the feet, and at night lubricate the feet with olive oil and put on socks.

Rule number 2: take care of hair

Winter is not an easy test for the hair. Sharp temperature changes (we leave the heated room every day for frost and vice versa), dry air, blow-drying, styling, coloring … Add to these troubles the winter lack of vitamins, and it becomes clear why the hair in the spring looks dull and feels dry.

To avoid this undesirable outcome, we recommend that you follow the four tips:

To wear a hat at minus temperature (even if you do not freeze, it is necessary, because the cold damages the hair bulbs).
Pamper the hair with masks (for example, apply warm olive or burdock oil on hair roots, wrap the head with cellophane and hold the hour).
Reduce the frequency of washing and styling hair (you can do this using a dry shampoo that cleanses the hair and returns the volume to them).
Use indelible serums (apply them to the ends of the hair).

For all this, your hair will thank you.

Rule number 3: moisturize the skin

You hardly need to be reminded of the need to apply a protective cream on your face and hands before you leave the house. But the regular moisturizing of the skin in the winter is often forgotten. The air in the heated premises is dry, which means that the skin is dehydrated. That’s why once a week you should pamper your face with moisturizing masks. Alternate them with nutrients to saturate the skin with missing substances.

In addition, do not forget that in the cold season, the skin around the eyes and lips need a particularly delicate care. We advise you to use a special eye cream and protective hygienic lipstick.

In winter, the skin is tired of constant stress, so it would be nice to indulge her with cosmetics containing antioxidants.

Rule number 4: drink juices and smoothies

Multivitamin complexes are, of course, good. But natural vitamins are much more useful!

Teach yourself every morning to please the body with freshly squeezed juice (in fact, for sure on your balcony is kept a good summer harvest of apples!). A good alternative to juice is vitamin smoothies. Their huge plus is that they are suitable for cooking, like fruits and vegetables, and greens.

One glass of smoothie or juice for breakfast will help you to meet the spring without symptoms of seasonal vitamin deficiency.

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Rule number 5: watch the figure

We women often take up maintaining the form at the very last moment (as in an anecdote: two hours before the plane at sea). In order not to completely renew the wardrobe in the spring, do not let yourself relax in the winter.

It is important to understand that tough diets are generally harmful to the body, and in winter, when it is weakened – and even more so! Therefore, to fight with winter pounds is less radical methods: proper nutrition and exercise.

Follow these five winter beauty rules, and in the spring you will look fresh and flowering!

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