healthy hair tips

6 Tips For Hair Care

The article contains several effective tips for improving your hair.
1. To make your hair look shiny and healthy, just like you just visited the salon, use the following simple tips.

While washing your hair with gentle shampoo, massage the scalp. This stimulates the secretion of sebaceous glands that produce fat to shine your hair.

Distribute the air conditioner with the help of a comb with sparse teeth. Thanks to this, the hair will not get tangled, and all the useful substances will soak through them all the way.

After washing rinse your hair in cold water. This will smooth the cuticles and give shine.

Dry the hair dryer from the roots to the tips. Finish drying with cold air. He, again, will give a radiance and leave the cuticles smoothed.

2. Do your fingers play with your hair all the time? Do you know how it might look from the outside? Some automatic habits can give your feelings to the interlocutor and expose you from a disadvantageous side.
For example, pointless winding of hair on the finger says that you are too nervous and impatient.

Throw back your hair – you are too flirtatious.

Pass the hair through your fingers – try to calm down and put your thoughts in order.

Honor your head – you doubt the veracity of the interlocutor.

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Touching the hair while talking or listening – you try to keep everything under control, but you give out uncertainty.

3. Excessively oily scalp leads to the appearance of dandruff. To prevent its occurrence, use products that include papyrus or rose oil.

4. On the scalp are thousands of nerve endings. Easy massage once a week is a necessity and pleasure in one bottle. For the procedure, it is best to use warm coconut oil. Ask a friend or family member to apply it to your hair and gently massage the scalp and neck. Do not be afraid to use oil on oily hair. From this they will not get dirty faster, but even vice versa. True, on this type of hair oil should be rubbed for no more than 5-10 minutes. After the procedure, rinse the coconut oil with shampoo and rinse the hair well.

5. Caring conditioner for dry and brittle hair is easy to prepare at home. Take the egg. Separate the protein from the yolk. Yolk with a fork and add to it one tablespoon of water. Whisk everything to a creamy, homogeneous mass. Then add the protein and mix everything.

Wet your hair with warm water. Press them. Rub the resulting mass in the scalp. Easily massage until foam forms, then rinse with cool water. Repeat until the weight is over. Then rinse with plenty of water.

6. Hairbrushes and hair brushes are not so easy to wash in soapy water. Soak them for a few minutes in a solution of ammonia, and they will shine like new.