7 Mistakes In The Upbringing Of Children

7 Mistakes In The Upbringing Of Children

Young mothers and fathers make a lot of mistakes, which then have a negative impact on the child’s physical condition and mental health. How can we avoid major mistakes in upbringing so that an ill-bred child does not appear in the family? This is described below.
7 Mistakes In The Upbringing Of Children

Charges and threats.

The method of education through reproaches, threats, intimidation, shame is the main mistake that came to us from the past. The phrase “As you are not ashamed!” Is still used. The child feels not only shame for what he has done, but loses all activity, and this kills any subsequent initiative. In this way, you can grow a moral handicap, especially in the popular phrase “We will not love you anymore”. After all, for young children this is a huge shock, hysteria and a desire to do something to spite someone.
7 Mistakes In The Upbringing Of Children

Inconsistency in education.

From the very childhood your baby should be limited to the limits of what is allowed. Daily change requirements and prohibitions – this is wrong. The child will become confused and lost in different “can” and “not.” The requirements for children for all family members should be the same. That parent, whose position in education is unprofitable for the baby, will get disrespect in his direction and cease to be authoritative if he does not follow the rules of upbringing.

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Uneven attitude.

Quite often, adults transfer their complexities and problems to communicate with children, which, of course, is not right. At one point they kiss them, pamper, buy everything they ask. And the next day they can scream, get angry or simply not pay attention. Different “can” and “can not” completely depend on the mood of your beloved mothers and daddies. If you do not want your baby to grow mentally unstable, control your emotions, do not rip off malice on the kids. After all, it will be incredibly harder to regain trust than to lose it.

Excessive custody.

There is such a category of moms. Such mothers over-patronize their children, which harms their full-fledged, normal development. Hyperopeka negatively affects the different sides of your child. He can not find friends for a long time, he can not express his opinion and defend it.

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Lack of time.

One of the main mistakes parents – little time for classes with children. Everyone is constantly busy at work, at the household, but this does not mean that we need to forget about the needs of the child. He needs your attention and joint evenings, conversations, games and reading your favorite books. Otherwise your baby will start to feel unnecessary and will seek support and understanding from strangers.
7 Mistakes In The Upbringing Of Children

Lack of affection.

Children of any age need caress and attention. They make you feel needed, loved. Therefore, you can not refuse a son or daughter in this pleasure. But it is also important to remember that it is forbidden to impose affection. Do not make you forcibly kiss, hug. After all, tenderness must go from the heart, and not because it is so necessary.

The money question.

To replace love with money is by no means possible, but, unfortunately, a child in the modern world experiences this very often. It is clear to all that adults are trying to earn as much as possible for the common good, but still money can not replace parental love and affection. Any, even the most expensive purchase will fade, if your child lacks attention and care.

The goal of correct education

Parents who love their children for real, treat them carefully and seriously. They make decisions based on the good that it will bring to the child. Parents who do not explain to their child what is good or bad, spoil the human essence of the baby. Hence the appearance of ill-bred children and their mothers, who do not hear anything and do everything their own way, ignoring others. Of these babies grow insecure, angry and capricious personality.

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