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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Running In The Morning

Today a lot of people make morning jogs. And this is a very correct decision. Running in the morning only a couple of kilometers, people get health and positive energy.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Running In The Morning

1. Positive energy.

Those who can not wake up very early and those who need to drink a cup of coffee for the sake of cheerfulness in the morning will be very opportunely a twenty minute run. During such activity, the body improves blood circulation and energy exchange, so that a person feels a surge of energy and energy. This procedure is much better than drinking coffee or energy drink.

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2. A slender figure.

At the same time, when a person runs, many muscle groups are also involved in the body, and fat burning mechanisms are triggered. Thanks to this, in a few weeks you can see a good result of this activity.Lean Belly Breakthrough

3. Good mood.

Those who experience depression on a regular basis are very useful in jogging. During the running in the human body, the so-called hormones of happiness are produced. They will also relieve a sports person from depression and bad mood.

4. Increased mental activity.

If a person feels that he needs a reboot, then running is the most correct decision. In addition to the fact that after a morning run you can feel the clarity in your head, so even after the work day, after a run, you can feel a certain amount of energy and lose the tension that has accumulated over the day.

5. A good and healthy sleep.

It’s not a secret to anyone that after a good physical activity sleeps better. Yes, this point is better for evening running, but still it’s the same run. You need about half an hour of jogging before bed and a person will definitely sleep well.keto diet program

6. Youth.

As already mentioned in the first paragraph, morning jogs increase blood circulation, which triggers a mechanism for the regeneration of cells, and hence tissues in the human body. Therefore, the body will remain young for many years, which means that a person can live for several decades longer. The next fact will be more interesting for girls than for guys. During jogging, the body actively produces collagen, which smoothes fine age wrinkles.

7. Prolonged life.

A lot of people know that in the world there are so-called long-livers. But not all people know the secret of their longevity. And the secret is that they all lead an active lifestyle: they are engaged in sports, active rest, tourism and many other kinds of active activity.
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It should be remembered that any sporting activity involves the availability of sports equipment.

In general, if you run in the mornings or evenings (and it is better in the mornings and evenings), will observe the correct way of life, if he does not have such a bad habit as smoking, then such a person will always have a good mood, excellent well-being and beautiful appearance.

What to do if you have reached the limits of opportunities. It happens that you run and run, and now you’re fed up. Because there is no progress, but everything that you receive in return for your efforts, fatigue and pain.

A few correct changes in your training and everything will change for the better.

I get tired during the run, I start to lose speed.

Relax a little do not run every day, and a day later, add a little walks, in your jogging. You can start and finish your run with walks from one to three minutes. If after that you still have unpleasant symptoms, ask a specialist you probably need to consume more foods containing iron and B vitamins. The exact advice you should get from a doctor.

I can not run faster.

Add work items over speed to your daily workouts (acceleration, deceleration, intervals). Also, do not miss the opportunity to diversify your training plan for a week with long jogs, the weekend will be very handy for a start.

Working with accelerations will normalize your respiratory system, and long runs will prepare the body for stress, increase endurance and strengthen character. Be sure to rest a day after a long run or speed exercises.

I’m exhausted at long distances.

Slow down their long runs. Add mileage for a little bit. Add more breaks to your workouts with walks. Relax and have fun. Add breaks to walking at least every three minutes, most importantly, follow the progress. For example, add two or three kilometers every two weeks.

The tricks and subtleties of training from the last forces

You’re already running out of strength, the training is almost over, an idiotic work day, too. But there’s something clicking in your head and you’re already quite powerless. It’s nothing to worry about, it’s stupid psychology. Muscles still hoo what they can do.

Have fun: you have to check two hundred meters, another three hundred meters, another five minutes for how long you have enough. After all, you can always ask yourself the question: if I stop now, then how do I get home on foot? No, it’s a long walk.
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Repeat a special spell. Firmament mantra, be angry at all and all, enjoy life or just do something with the head of a mathematician always to help you. The main thing is that something constantly was in your head and did not stop running. Think. Or say. Actually, it’s nice to say something motivating.

Imagine that you are running now in some important race, a responsible event, whatever one may say. And you do not have to give up, stop, go from a distance. You need to rush to victory, win, rise on a pedestal, shake a bottle of champagne, get a medal of all to taste. Fix in the head the picture you are striving for, in which you see the place for yourself, for which you started all this. Remember all carefully. And just do your job. No one will do it for you.

Well, do not forget about the promotion. For an excellent training you need to receive an award negotiate with yourself, I do not know what you want for an extra kilometer or two.
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