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8 Habits That Parents Need To Get Rid Of

Do not do this with the baby! 8 Habits That Parents Need To Get Rid Of
8 Habits That Parents Need To Get Rid Of
Proper education is impossible without an appropriate example from the adult. Remember, no moralizing will have the proper effect on the child if it goes against your model of behavior and your attitude towards the world. So it turns out that educating a child means, among other things, to reconsider many of their own habits.

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In the framework of this article, we will consider what kind of behavior parents need to adjust, so as not to set a bad example for their children. So, what should not adults do with a child?

1. Sitting in social networks

Adults constantly carry with themselves a particular gadget and look at it at least three times an hour. Of course, for parents this is a means of communication, including a workplace. But let’s be frank, in social networks we spend a lot of time, missing precious moments of personal communication with the closest people. Move the phone away.

2. Contest the opinion of the other parent

Even if it seems to you that the second parent is wrong, stay and keep neutrality. No matter how sorry the child is, there is no need to console him at the expense of the authority of an adult. Was the spouse wrong? Calmly explain yourself alone so that the baby does not hear.

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3. To be ambiguous

All the secret becomes clear, remember this saying? You will feel the fairness of this expression when your kid goes to school. In order not to blush before the teacher, explaining where the slang words came from in the vocabulary of the child – begin to listen to your conversation as soon as possible. It is advisable, when the crumb only appeared in your house. And, of course, do not gossip and do not discuss adult secrets with the child, even if he still talks badly.

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4. Loudly quarrel

Nothing destroys the child’s psyche so much as swearing in the house. Perhaps you are accustomed to solving disputable situations through shouting and thus get your discharge. It is not for nothing that reconciliation after a quarrel is considered the sweetest. But for a child, the situation when mom and dad scream at each other is tantamount to disaster. The kid becomes jerky, nervous, nightmares can torment him at night. To prevent this, we must learn to resolve conflicts peacefully. Does not work? Keep the temperament and postpone the clarification of the relationship until the moment when there is no child next.

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5. Criticizing the world around us

Being an adult is not easy work. Coming in the evening from work, we often bring on our shoulders the whole load of negativity that accumulated over the day. We begin to express our grievances to our close ones, even more irritating the loosened nerves. And do we think at this moment, how do our words affect children? The child gets used to seeing the parent annoyed and eventually starts to think that this is the true nature of the pope or mother, and the world is generally a hostile thing.

Any parenting habits is, in a way, a call to action for the child. If an adult is dependent on nicotine or alcohol, then it is likely that the child will try these substances on himself early. And no prohibitions on the child will not work, because mom and dad smoke, but what’s worse?

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7. Violate your own bans

Raising the baby, parents try to instill in him the generally accepted norms of behavior, morality and safety, using at the same time the pattern phrases-rules. And do not notice how they themselves violate their instructions. For example, the mother teaches the child “You can not cross the road to a red light!” And then, in five minutes, pulls the baby to run across the street. Hence, childish disobedience and distrust of parental words are born.

8. Tell the Truth

Children ask a lot of questions and in advance prepare for all children’s “why” and “how” is simply impossible. But also to deceive. Do not forget to keep your promise. If the child’s question turned out to be “inconvenient”, then in this situation it is better not to finish the sentence, than to lie.
8 Habits That Parents Need To Get Rid Of
Being a parent is a day-to-day job that requires the use of many talents. And the main conclusion that arises from all of the above is the need to discipline yourself first. Do not forget for a moment that you are turned to the most trusting eyes in this world, for which you are an example in everything, so conform to this image!

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