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8 Mistakes In Lip Make-up

Why can not you draw a perfect contour and how to choose the shades of lipsticks?

1. Insufficient moisturizing of lips before applying matt lipsticks
Often girls abuse matte lipsticks for the fact that they dry their lips. In part, this is really so – matte textures dry the skin, including the skin of the lips.

But if the body is dehydrated, the lips are dry and the lipstick falls on them badly, you must definitely take care of the care – use special primers or lip balms.

2. Active circuit
Girls who increase their lips, try to emphasize the outline. Everything should be in moderation. If you pricked fillers, your best friend is lipstick neutral shades without additional contours. You can tick the upper lip of the highlighter.

If you have natural lips, but you want to visually increase them, make a contour. Recommended pencils are natural shades. The main thing is to shade the outline, borders should not be clear. Dark and red tones of lipsticks need an ideal clear contour with a classic make-up.

And here if you put light lipsticks, the contour will be superfluous: there should be an ease.

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3. Choice of shades that emphasize yellowness of teeth
When choosing shades, consider: lilac lipsticks with a pink pod emphasize the yellowness of the teeth. This is often overlooked. In order to visually whiten your teeth, make a choice in favor of rich red and dark colors.

4. Wrong order of actions
To begin to draw lips you need from the upper lip from the center to the edges. Only in the end bring the contour of lipstick to the ideal. In the opposite case, the contour is not perfectly even.

5. Use of bright lipstick “on the run”
If you make a bright make-up of your lips and want to achieve a clear and even outline, you must sit in front of a large mirror and rest your elbows on the table, so that your hands do not tremble.

So it’s easier to make your lips symmetrical.

6. Too thick layer of lipstick
Very often girls forget to get wet lips with a napkin after applying lipstick. Even if you have nothing at hand, you can put a finger on the lips after the first layer.

Otherwise, the lipstick will not stick and print on the teeth.

7. Incorrect combination of lipstick color with blush color
Lipsticks of a warm shade are not combined with rougees of a cold shade. Cold shades with cold, warm with warm – only so and nothing else.

8. Bright eye make-up with bright lip make-up
With intense eye makeup you need light tones of lipsticks and glitter, with juicy and expressive lips – a mild eye makeup.

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