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8 Ways To Burn Stomach Fat, Confirmed By Science

Fat on the abdomen is the most persistent. But it’s still not worth talking about him as a long-standing and irreconcilable enemy. Visceral fat, that is, that which surrounds internal organs, and whose stock is almost completely localized in the abdominal cavity, is needed by our body!

It ensures the correct placement of internal organs and protects them from possible injuries. Its excessive thinning increases the risk of dangerous diseases, however, as well as abundant growth.
8 Ways To Burn Stomach Fat, Confirmed By Science
If the waist in men exceeds 94 centimeters, and a woman’s 85, you need to take action sooner. And you should start with confident steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

How to lose weight in the waist: proven tips

The basis of any weight loss, including, and local (really it or not, experts still argue) is the right balanced diet and exercise.

If there is no desire to keep yourself in the “snake mitts” during your vacation, at least take care of the overall health of the body. Eat more fresh berries, fruits, vegetables and greens, and take longer walks in the fresh air every day.
8 Ways To Burn Stomach Fat, Confirmed By Science
This measure alone is enough to drop a couple of extra pounds per month! And others, no less effective recommendations will give scientists and doctors.

8 scientifically proven ways to get rid of fat on the stomach

1. Eat Cellulose

The easiest way to get a beautiful outline of a figure and a flat stomach is associated with a nutrition correction. Make a bet on foods rich in fiber. Studies published in the journal Prevention show that enriching the daily menu with fiber leads to a reduction in visceral fat in the body by as much as 3.7%. But scientists say that you need at least 10 grams of fiber every day for … 5 years.

2. Add colors to your dishes

This advice may seem strange, but it does work. One of the causes of fat deposits in the waist area is an increase in the level of stress hormone – cortisol. Products that have bright natural shades – especially berries, fruits and vegetables, contain more vitamin C – a natural antioxidant, which naturally reduces the amount of cortisol in the body.
8 Ways To Burn Stomach Fat, Confirmed By Science
The results of the research, published in the journal Nutrition, showed that people whose menu abounded with red, yellow and orange products had a thinner waistline than those who did not adhere to the “colorful” diet.

3. Forget about low-fat diets

When you are trying to get rid of fat, it is very important to consume fats. Paradoxically, but true! True, we are talking only about monounsaturated fats. Scientists have found that a diet with a moderate content of such fats is effective for losing weight.
8 Ways To Burn Stomach Fat, Confirmed By Science
Useful fats keep the appetite under control, and prevents uncontrolled consumption of unhealthy foods and a large number of snacks. The best sources of monounsaturated fats scientists recognized all kinds of nuts, avocados, seafood and vegetable oils.

4. Be vigorous

Scientists are sure: Visceral fat can be burned well with aerobic exercises. Regular running loads, cycling, swimming are all kinds of physical activity that make your heart rate increase, help to become slimmer.

A study by Duke University showed that running the equivalent of 20 kilometers per week is guaranteed to “reduce” the waist circumference.

5. Use more protein in the diet

The older we become, the more important role in our body is proper nutrition. A diet high in protein, according to Luis Aronne, MD, head of the Obecity Clinic at Cornell, can help prevent insulin resistance, one of the reasons for the formation of fat on the stomach at an older age. The easiest way to diversify the diet is to consume more sour-milk products and meat products.

6. Use vinegars in cooking

Studies of Japanese scientists, published on the site of the Japanese study, showed the incredible benefits of vinegar for weight loss. Full people, who consumed one tablespoon of vinegar for 8 weeks, significantly reduced visceral fat in the body.

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Due to what the amount of fat decreased – for scientists remained a mystery. One of the theories says that it’s all about acetic acid, which increases the intestinal peristalsis and breaks down fats.

7. Exercise more

Low intensity training has its advantages, as shown above, but if you are tuned to actively burn fat, it’s time to move on to “complex artillery.” An energetic load for a short time with a short rest break is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of fat in the body. Such loads reduce more calories, and also lower the level of insulin and cortisol.

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8. Try Yoga

Yoga is especially useful for women during menopause, when active types of exercise are given more difficult.

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If the “Pose of a Dog” and other wellness asanas are not for you, try at least relaxation and deep breathing. Scientists say that this helps reduce cortisol in the body and as a result – weight loss.

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