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8 Ways to Find the Passion of Your Life

If you look at people who do not bring happiness to what they are doing, you may notice that in the life of most of them there is no place for passion. Why?Lottery Dominator
Recent studies have shown that about 75% of adults do not even know their true passion. All of them live in accordance with the ideals and rules of other people!

If you are one of them, if you do not know how you can find passion in your life, do not despond. You can find your passion and live with it, and it should be so!

Given the huge number of people for whom the earning of money is the first place (which almost leaves no time for any hobbies), it is obvious that it is not easy to find your true passion, not to mention paying it proper attention.

Only some of the lucky ones know about their passion … and only a few of these make their dreams come true.

If you look at finding your passion and how to implement it as a game, like a carefree child, it will be easier for you to understand why you came to this world.

8 Ways to Find the Passion of Your Life

1. What is easy for you?

Many of us tend to underestimate their attachments and talents, because they seem to us too simple (“Is not everyone can?”), But in fact, if something is given to you easily, this is the right thing for you! If it’s easy, then it brings pleasure, and pleasure is and is passion.

Take a sheet of paper and write something that is given to you easily, whether it’s your work, hobby or any occupation from childhood.

The more you write, the more you learn about yourself. But this is only the beginning. You may well have more than one passion. So if you can find the links between the activities that you wrote, mark it.

For example, you can easily give calculations and reading drawings. How can you relate these two lessons? Then go to the second stage.

2. What makes you happy? From what you shine?

Not all classes that are given easily, please you, as a new toy is pleased with the child. Draw an asterisk in front of each lesson, which is given to you easily and in which you are ready to dissolve every day, thus gaining happiness and peace. Happiness and peace are passion.

3. What would you do every day if you did not need money if all your needs were satisfied and you could do only what you want?

Perhaps the number of your passions is not limited to one or two. Just dream about what you would be doing if you had complete freedom … freedom from this rat race, freedom from the need to put money to the fore … Freedom is passion.

To follow your passion, you need courage, but passion leads to the desire to do everything as best as possible. And when something awakens in you this desire, it leads to success.

4. What did you like to do in childhood?

Attitudes are often formed in childhood, and although the passions of adulthood may seem unrelated to them at first glance, they are rooted in what you loved to do when you were small (before you told yourself that you can not do it). Use Silva’s visualization exercises to mentally return to childhood. Imagine how you, as a child, fantasize about doing your favorite thing in adulthood.

5. What do you like to talk about, read, learn new things?

When a person experiences passion for something, it is immediately obvious: his face is shining, the body becomes more mobile, and this topic never seems boring to him. If you do not know what you like to talk about (because it happens by itself), ask your friends about it. If you can search for information about something on the Internet for hours, if you collect magazines and books about it … this is your passion.

6. What makes you bold, and even invulnerable?

When you do what you love, you feel confident. You are not afraid to make a mistake, because for you the main thing is the process, and the result is just the tip of the iceberg. When you do what you love, this is success. And every time you lose confidence, you can use the technique of Three Fingers to become calm and confident and embody your passions in life.

7. What lost opportunities in life would you regret?

If life took you away from your dreams, what would you regret most? In what would you like to get a second chance? The feeling of regret (or rather, its avoidance) is the most compelling reason to do what you love, now, as long as you have such an opportunity. You know what you can say: “I’m sorry I did not …”. Even if it was just a childhood dream, you had this dream, because it was important to you!

8. What do you like to share with others?

Your talents and passions are given to you in order to share them with other people. Imagine how you share the fruits of embodying your passions with others, and how good it all becomes. So it will be easier for you not only to find your passion (passions), but also to make a decision to implement it!

Be brave. Do what you came to this world for!

Embodiment into life

It is almost never too late to start again for a forgotten dream, even if you abandoned it many years ago. Listen to your heart and do what brings you happiness. Start this way with some small steps. For example, order business cards or start telling people that you … (the one who always wanted to be). You do not have to rush to quit your job if the financial situation does not allow you to do this (or the stress of this will return you to the hectic routine of everyday life). Transform your passion into life gradually and gradually let it prevail.

Listen to your inner voice and you will find inspiration to translate your dreams into reality. Be open to new opportunities and react to them. You yourself will not notice how to start living your passion!

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