Petra amazing cities

9 Amazing Cities Under The Earth

Not all cities stretch up to the sky. Some, on the contrary, are taken deep into the ground. Sometimes such cities are built for security reasons, and sometimes because of limited opportunities. There are many cities hiding in the earth’s crust and in the rocks. In this article we will talk about the nine most amazing.

1. Petra

(Featured image) This massive Jordanian monastery was built in the II century by the Nabateans. It is only one of several hundreds of dwellings carved into the rocks.


2. Barry Troglodyte Village

Barry amazing cities
Barry Troglodyte Village is a small complex of unusual houses carved into the rocks on the hillside. This complex is located under the ground in the south of France in the basin of the Rhone.

People have lived here for hundreds of years. Some dwellings look absolutely eerie – for example, a house-skull; others look quite traditional: doors and windows behind which cozy cave dwellings hide.


3. Moose-Jaw

Moose-Jaw amazing cities Under the streets of this city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan there is an extensive network of tunnels, which once was full of shops, factories, houses and bars.

It is rumored that Al Capone used them for smuggling, and that Chinese immigrants lived and worked here in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Hard evidence for this does not exist, but still this place is worth a visit.


4. Leavenworth

Leavenworth amazing cities
Under the streets of this town in Kansas, residents have recently discovered three blocks of abandoned houses. Nothing is known about their purpose.

Perhaps these houses were inhabited by runaway slaves who were hiding from the authorities, or was alcohol stored and sold during the dry law, or was it the usual part of the city that was later abandoned and turned into a dump?


5. Montreal

Connected with metro stations and shopping areas, the Montreal “underground city” or the Reso (Réso), boasts 32 kilometers of tunnels, which makes it a record holder of its own.


6. Derinkuyu

Derinkuyu amazing cities
This ancient Turkish city could hold up to 20 thousand people, had eleven underground levels, and was built in the seventh or eighth century by Christians who were hiding from persecution and robbers.

In Central Turkey (Cappadocia) there are many underground cities, because the volcanic rock in the region is so mild that tunnels can be cut out easily and quickly.


7. Mount Cheyenne

Mount Cheyenne
Previously, the Command of the Air and Space Defense of North America was located in the underground city, which was built under Mount Cheyenne, Colorado, and was to be used as a bunker to save thousands of people in the event of a nuclear war.

During the Cold War, it was a safe haven, however, modern advances in the field of missile technology do not allow you to be equally confident in the reliability of this shelter in the event of a nuclear strike.

Therefore, the command of the aerospace defense was moved to a new location, and the city remained standing – some people still live there, but in the near future it can become a museum.


8. Underground City (Beijing)

beijing underground city
Like its American counterpart, the famous Beijing Underground City was built during the Cold War to resist a nuclear attack. Currently, the extensive network of its tunnels has become a tourist attraction.


9. Portland

In Portland, Oregon, on the west coast of the United States, there is an extensive network of underground tunnels, former homes and businesses. They flourished at the time of the dry law. Almost all of them were used as bars and got the nickname “Shanghai Tunnels”, because imprudent sailors here often “shanghai” – used at the same time alcohol and drugs. After a tumultuous party, they often came to themselves only the next day and on board some ship. As a result, they had to work on this ship until he entered another port.

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