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9 Effective Ideas For The Bathroom, Which Will Make Your Life Easier

The bathroom is an extensive field for inventions and improvements. In this article you can see this.
Daytime sleepiness and fatigue, no matter how much time you spend in bed
Toilet and bathroom are probably the most suitable places for creativity in the whole house.

1. How to make sure that the mirror does not get fogged up

Just wipe the surface of the mirror with shaving cream, and you can safely shave in the bathroom after the shower.

2. How to get rid of wrinkles on clothes

Before taking a shower, hang your shirt or shirt on the hanger in the bathroom. Literally in a few minutes it will take a completely different look.

3. How to sharpen a razor blade

To do this you will need old jeans. Just swipe the razor blades on their surface in the opposite direction from the shaving direction.

4. How not to lose the hair pins

Use a tape attached to the inside of the door so that your hairpins and hairpins are always at hand.

5. How to store shampoos, gels and other

Shower gel, on the one hand, should be near, and on the other – do not get in the way. The best way is to hang special baskets on the additional curtain rod.

6. How to make music louder

Very many like to take a morning shower under your favorite melody. The only problem is that the noise of water can greatly drown out the weak dynamics of the smartphone. Put it in the sink – this will make the sound much louder.

7. How easy to read in the bathroom

Many of us like to read a few pages in the bathroom, but modern electronics are not too friendly with water and fumes. A special polyethylene bag with a clasp or even a simple file will easily solve this problem.

8. How to clean the shower head

If the shower head of your shower has become poorly dissipating water, then it is possible that its holes are clogged with lime scale. Pour vinegar into the package and secure with a rubber band. In an hour your shower will be like new.

9. How to store towels

Several large cans, paint, stencil – and now you have an unusual and convenient place for placing towels.

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