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9 Interesting Facts for Harmonious Life: Men And Women

9 Interesting Facts for Harmonious Life: Men And Women

Scientists do not get tired of surprising us with new and new research results about the differences between male and female. So, for example, the last of them revealed several interesting facts about the physiology and psyche of men and women.

Fact one:

the heart of a healthy man beats a little slower than a woman who does not even complain about her own health. If a woman’s heart muscle is activated 72 times per minute, then the male performs during this time only 65 strokes. Although even this does not guarantee a man’s heart more health than a woman’s.

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Second fact:

men do not tend to complain about their own health, but a woman can endure the pain of such force that any man would have fainted.Ritual for Shocking Daily Belly Fat Loss

Third fact:

the male brain is on average heavier than the female one by 100 grams, but this is not an indication that men are more intellectually developed than women.

Fact four:

the psyche of men is designed so that it rarely suffers from insecurity in itself, which can not be said of women who are confident in themselves is not easy enough.

Fact five:

the metabolism of women is faster than in the male body. Thanks to this, a woman in a dangerous situation, which requires immediate action, reacts faster than any man.

Fact six:

the man’s psyche by nature is better protected – a man rarely takes something to heart. A woman often has a personal opinion about all events.

Fact seven:

nature has made men another gift – their brains are less susceptible to hypnotic effects than the brains of any of the women.

Fact eight:

women are biologically stronger than men. Initially, the ratio is held in favor of the male: 106 boys are born for 100 girls. However, with age, this difference is erased. In adulthood, the preponderance of the female becomes more and more noticeable.

Fact nine:

do you think women like to gossip? You are mistaken! Men also outstripped women here: they gossip much more often than women.get everything you ever wanted, the Universe will help you!

30 Rules Of Harmonious Life

Life of many of us is far from harmony and integrity, we are constantly on the run, problems, worries. We do not have a moment of peace, we are chronically tired and stressed. But in order to remain young, healthy and beautiful, one must return to harmony and tranquility. And how to do it, read in today’s article.
So, 30 rules that will change your whole life.

1. Start each new day with a smile. Learn to enjoy every sunrise.

2. Sleep at least 6-7 hours. This time is enough to rest well and restore immunity.

3. Drink clean water. If there is no spring near or some clean source, then before boiling, always let the water infuse into the shungite.

4. To avoid catarrhal diseases, and also to increase the tone of the body – take a contrast shower (cold / hot).

5. Do not be afraid to set big goals. Remember that the Universe will help you.

6. Learn to forgive. Do not hold evil against people. Let go of all your past problems. Problems in life need to be seen as springboards that make you wiser and stronger.

7. Spend as much time as possible in the fresh air.

8. Avoid pessimists and “negativists”. Surround yourself with successful, positive and motivated people. Such people will contribute to your implementation.

9. Never give up your dream. If you are often visited by doubts, then say to yourself three times: “Forget everything and go to your goal!”

10. Go in for sports. Start to visit the gym or arrange home workouts. Improve your body.

11. If the work does not bring you any satisfaction and certainly does not bring you closer to the goal, then immediately throw it.

12. Keep track of your thoughts. Think always in a positive way.

13. Find a mentor for yourself in the area in which you want to “maximize”. So your path to cherished goals will become much shorter. Chakra Activation System

14. Try at least once a day is alone with yourself. Listen to your inner voice. He always tells you the right direction.

15. Learn to meditate. Meditation sessions calm the nervous system and prevent stress.

16. Give as much money to charity as you can.

17. Remember that the most important things can not be postponed until later. Do them always in the first place.

18. Remember that even small daily improvements, in the future will necessarily lead to large-scale success.

19. Be the first to show kindness to people. Only a strong and successful person is never afraid to take the first step.

20. Accept your friends and relatives as they are. Do not try to change someone, each person has a unique way of life.

21. Take it easy to criticize. Remember that the world is diverse and there are always people who disagree with you, as well as those who will constantly support you.

22. Motivation always comes from within. If there is no motivation, then there can be only two reasons for this. The first is an unloved affair, and the second is a low level of energy.

23. Spend as little time as possible on social networks. Live communication brings much more positive emotions.

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24. Remember that some “words can kill”, so watch what you say. If you can not say something good to a person, then it’s better to keep silent.

25. Avoid gossip and convictions of other people. Be a wise person.

26. Study the biographies of great people. Pay attention to how they went to success and what helped them in this.

27. Keep your house clean and tidy. Before going to bed, always ventilate the room.

28. Keep a balance between the spiritual and the material. Do not give preference to one, forgetting about the other. Develop all segments of your life, from health to financial well-being.

29. Engage in creativity or find a hobby for yourself that will bring you pleasure.

30. Give love and joy to others and they will answer you in return.

We wish you good luck and happiness!

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