9 Rules Of Weight Loss In Winter

9 Rules Of Weight Loss In Winter

9 Rules Of Weight Loss In Winter
Winter is not the best time to start a “war” with extra pounds. The season of vegetables and fruits has long ended, physical activity is significantly reduced, diet changes (usually not for the better). But if you need to bring yourself in shape before the holidays, you can not do without a diet. But do not be in a hurry to arrange a week-long hunger strike. Weight loss in winter should be correct, without harm to health! What are the rules for those who have embarked on a difficult path to combat excess kilograms in the cold season?

Do not choose “hungry” diets

No matter how great the temptation to throw off a maximum of excess weight in a short time, do not choose “hungry” diets. This is too serious stress for the body in the winter, since the diet can not be called vitamin and nutritional. Do not deliberately deprive the body of the necessary nutrients coming from food – your immunity will be under threat.

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And do not forget that strict diets only deceive you. First, you actively lose weight, and when you return to the usual diet, the weight returns (and usually with a couple or three extra pounds). You will surely notice it after the New Year holidays, when the table is literally bursting with various dishes. “Losing weight, not starving” is the motto that you need to remember.
9 Rules Of Weight Loss In Winter

Control your appetite

In winter it is hardest to fight with appetite.
And the worst thing is that now you want to eat more. Firstly, it’s cold outside, and a hearty (and certainly not always useful) dinner warms up. Secondly, at this time of the year depression can be overcome, which one wants to “seize” with sweets.

Fighting hunger is easier than you think. Eat more often, but in smaller portions. Ideally, your diet should include 5-6 meals per day. Include in the menu products that contribute to a long feeling of satiety – these are proteins (meat, fish, legumes, seafood) and “complex” carbohydrates (cereals). Dress warmer, not to freeze, and then do not warm yourself with a piece of cake with sweet tea.

Include soups in the diet

If the summer does not always want to supplement the dinner with hot soup, then in winter you should supplement your food with the first dishes. They contribute to weight loss (provided, of course, that this soup is not on fatty meat), normalize the digestive system, quickly and permanently saturate, warm.

Prepare yourself liquid soups and soups-mashed potatoes. And it is not necessary to serve them strictly for lunch or dinner. Light cream soup (for example, pumpkin or spinach) can become an excellent snack without “busting” the calories.

Reduce the consumption of high-calorie desserts

In all diets, high-calorie desserts are banned. And in the “passive” winter time, they are dangerous for the figure doubly – all the extra calories immediately find themselves on the hips and waist.

It is not necessary to completely abandon the sweet dishes during tea-drinking on a frosty evening. But let it be useful desserts! For example, dried fruits – from them you can make delicious bars that are quickly saturated and charged with energy. From frozen berries you can prepare mousses or marmalade. On the basis of oat flakes and nuts, you get delicious homemade cookies.

Add vitamin C to the menu

In the winter it is important to be in good shape, to maintain your immunity at a high level. Then weight loss will be given much easier. Enrich your diet with foods high in vitamin C to feel good.

Add citrus slices in the morning porridge. For dinner, you can pamper yourself with sauerkraut. Prepare a delicious compote of cranberries or cranberries. Drink ginger tea with honey.

To lose weight, do more physical activity

In the winter physical activity decreases. In the evenings we lie more often on the couch in front of the TV than we walk. Change the routine! To lose weight, without physical exertion can not do.
9 Rules Of Weight Loss In Winter
Winter is the time for active outdoor activities. They help to lose weight and strengthen immunity. Skiing and skating, playing snowballs with children, winter vacations in the ski resort – a lot of options to make it interesting and usefully for the figure to spend free time.

Is it difficult to force yourself to go out when it’s cold outside? Then sign up for fitness in the gym. It’s warm, light and cozy – just do not freeze.

Find unloading days

Lose yourself a days off. It is especially important to “unload” digestion after long New Year holidays. Useful for both health and figure.

But let the “unloading” food in the winter, too, will not be hungry. Apples and cucumbers put off until the summer, and now it is better to arrange “unloading” on boiled meat or fish, cottage cheese or yoghurt, buckwheat. How often to resort to the help of “unloading” depends on your initial weight and goals. As a rule, 2-3 fasting days a month are enough.

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Make the right side dishes

Losing weight will go more noticeably if you stop serving as a side dish of pasta and potatoes. Yes, in winter, when fresh vegetables are quite expensive, it is difficult to find a suitable side dish for meat and fish. But do not forget about useful buckwheat and oatmeal, legumes. Now these are your best friends in the preparation of healthy dishes. And there is always the option of cooking frozen vegetables – excellent, if in the autumn you froze “in reserve” fresh fruit.
9 Rules Of Weight Loss In Winter
If you choose macaroni as a garnish, then let it be a product made strictly of solid wheat varieties. And it is even better to eat them chilled – in the evening they boiled it and put it in the fridge, the next day they served it on the table (in the form of a salad, for example). There is an opinion that after “aging” of macaroni in the refrigerator, starch in it becomes less, and therefore for a diet they are already becoming not such a dangerous enemy.

In order to lose weight, go to the sauna or bath

Why not turn into a winter tradition hike in the sauna or bath at the end of the work week? This is an excellent prevention of colds, an auxiliary procedure in the program of losing weight.

In the bath you get warm, take off stress, relax. Be sure to take with you the means for cosmetic wraps or scrubs for massages of problem areas of the body.

If there is no way to go to the bath then arrange an evening warm bath.

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