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9 Things To Do On Sunday

1. Change the bed linen and fill the bed.

If you do not clean the bed every morning, it’s time to do it. Change your bedding to new, fresh and clean. It’s incredible how cool it will be to get into a clean, tucked up bed on a Sunday night. This is an excellent excuse to drop all unnecessary that is left from the previous week, and start a new week with a clean slate.
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2. Wash laundry and pick out the outfits of the day for the whole week.

If you cook your clothes from tomorrow, it will free you from an unnecessary headache in the morning. But even better, if you choose your outfits for the whole week on Sunday, along with accessories, jewelry and so on. In addition, plus is that you can be sure that you regularly use all the things of your wardrobe, and not just those that are convenient to put on in your haste.

3. Select clothes for the sport separately for the whole week ahead.

It would be even better to immediately pack it in your study bag. Why not leave the costumes on the shelf, and fold them in the morning in a bag, you ask? Well, if only because it’s easier. You can put all your clothes in a bag and throw them into the car (if you have one), and after the lessons throw the dirty clothes into the laundry. The next day the same way. And no excuses like: “Oh, I forgot my sports clothes today, so I will not go to gymnastics.”

4. Prepare breakfast and lunch on Monday or for the rest of the week.

Cooking – a relaxing and calming activity. However, if you do not like to pack your lunch and breakfast from the evening, it may be more convenient for you to cook on the weekends. Of course, some food can not be cooked in advance, but you can make some preparations: grilled chicken or pasta. They will not spoil for a long time.

5. Loosen all your trash cans.

Like changing bed linen, throwing out rubbish is a great way to get over the past week and start a new one. In addition, clean trash can not put you into stress due to the fact that before or after work it will be necessary to throw out the garbage. Excluding such small stress factors from your life, you throw off a much heavier burden from your shoulders.

6. Clean your bathroom and kitchen and clean up the rest of the house.

Nobody wants to spend all weekend on cleaning, but who said you should do this? Scroll 5 minutes, wipe all surfaces in the bathroom and preferably in the kitchen., Return items to their seats, wash the kitchen towels and turn on the dishwasher before you go to sleep. It does not matter who you are – waking up in a clean house is always nice. Do not forget to clean the rest of the house, put the shoes in their places, disassemble the papers, “restart” your house.

7. Check your calendar and create a new to-do list.

Write in the list what you need to buy in the store, who to call, with whom to meet, the bills to be paid for, the blog posts you need to write, the goals to be achieved. This will help to free your head of madness and set benchmarks for the next week.

8. Replenish the food stocks.

Do not forget to take a trip to the supermarket on weekends to bribe the food. There is nothing worse when you come home from work, discover that you have nothing to eat at home. What does it mean? McDonald’s or something else not very useful. Instead, take the time and go to the store.
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9. Think about the little things.

Think about the small details that you can forget about in the morning. If you constantly forget to feed the fish, put food for them on the table. If you do not remember that you need to water the flowers, prepare the water from the evening. If you always forget the umbrella, put it on Sunday night. If you like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, but you do not want to get up early to cook it, put the coffee machine on the auto program at night.

This may seem boring. But it only takes 10-15 minutes to prepare for the next day, and in the morning it will free up much more time. And the morning time is priceless!

What do you do on Sundays to prepare for next week?
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