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9 Useful Habits Of A Beautiful Woman

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Because female beauty is primarily a daily work. Even if you are given by nature the most ideal facial features, a harmonious physique, beautiful skin, if for all this God’s gift is not courting and cherishing it, then time, years, improper diet and bad habits will sooner or later do their evil deed.

The purpose of this article is to remind once again of those habits that will help to maintain your beauty and health for many years.
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1. A full 8-hour sleep.

Sleep – the main tool in the struggle for beauty and health. Chronic lack of sleep sooner or later will begin to do its “black work” – swollen eyes, bags under the eyes, extinct, saggy skin – these are only external signs of a lack of sleep. Headaches, irritability, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders are more serious problems of disregard for the regime of the day.

Teach yourself to go to bed at the same time with the expectation that you have 8 hours to sleep. If you often pepper with difficulty, try to analyze what hinders you and try to solve this problem some time before going to bed: ventilate the rooms, choose the most comfortable temperature regime for sleep and support it, one hour before sleep try to finish all the significant activities that may interfere with your understanding.

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Get useful and pleasant habits of retirement, which each time will help you tune in to rest. The best habit before going to bed is an hour’s walk on a fresh holiday, then a shower, a warm mint tea with honey and a baby’s sleep is provided to you.

2. Morning skin care.

Morning skin care for the face and body should become as compulsory and familiar as brushing your teeth. Nothing so betrays the age of women, like the skin of the face and hands, not getting enough care. After 35 years, the skin can tell about how it was courted in previous years.

Although it is never too late to start. And of course every morning care should end with makeup. “The natural beauty of fields” can only adorn a young girl, but not a business lady.

3. Nutrition.

Never save on the quality of the products! Even if your budget is very limited, you can always create a menu of inexpensive but useful products: cereals, seasonal vegetables, chicken, inexpensive seafood, etc. Always keep track of what you eat.

Perhaps the most useful advice here is: do not put anything in your mouth! Think about the benefit or harm of every piece that you are about to swallow. Refuse the fried. Replace the frying pans in your kitchen with molds and pots for baking.

Stop buying mayonnaise, ketchup and margarines. Sweets substitute for dried fruits. Of course, one should not do this all in one day, otherwise the resulting stress from a large number of restrictions will cause more harm to your health than an improper diet.

Introduce the habits of healthy nutrition into your life step by step. Every week is a new useful habit!

4. Watch for the work of the intestines.

The bowel should work like a clock! Constipation in the most negative way affects not only the general health and mood, but also the color of your skin. And regular constipation can also often cause various rashes on the skin.

To the intestines work well, eat more plant foods, every day use sour-milk products, drink enough liquid and move more.

5. Physical stress should be present in your life regularly.

Life is movement. A person lives while moving! Regular movements are not only a beautiful figure, but also a tightened skin, and shine in the eyes, and a good mood, and of course the health of the whole body.

6. Visits to the doctor.

Regular surveys among specialists should become an integral part of the life of any modern person. Remember the statistics: the average life expectancy in our country is the highest among residents of the central district of Moscow, and not the Caucasian highlands.

And the reason for their longevity is timely and high-quality medical care. Annual surveys will help in time to recognize and prevent the onset of disease or abnormalities in the body.

7. Posture and gait.

Straight shoulders, high-raised chin will add points to any woman, and stoop will add an extra ten years. If you find it difficult to control your posture throughout the day, buy a special rubber corset in the pharmacy for proper posture.

It costs not more than a kilogram of sausage. And of course regular exercises for the back muscles will help you to keep it straight.

8. Chin and face oval.

If a swan bend begins to disappear behind your chin and a second or third chin appears, you can safely transfer yourself to the category of “aunt”. To prevent this from happening, keep an eye on the elasticity of the skin of your neck, do regular exercises for this, and of course follow the weight so that it does not stay on your neck.

9. Mimicry. Watch the facial expressions of your face.

Nothing so adorns a woman as a smile and nothing so old, like frowning brows and tight lips. Smile more often and with all your heart. Learn to be friendly with others. Try to avoid people who can spoil your mood. And if this is not possible, change your attitude towards them and then a radiant smile will become more frequent your companion.

Perhaps in this article you have not found something new for yourself, but sometimes an extra reminder can become another impetus to change your life habits for the better. And we will only be happy if for some of you this article will serve as such a push.

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